Monday, December 3, 2012

Painting Faces

Just to kick things off.. I am not in Turkey this week. Work has once again thrown me to the far corners of the world for me to conduct some business. Where exactly? Well, only UK. Which is a good/bad thing.

Good in that I get to go and check out the latest from GW at their store in Basingstoke, but bad in that they have been subject to mass rain and flooding in many areas.

Also good is that I get to hand over and see Zzzzzz's reaction when he gets the latest batch of Renegade Guard when we meet up. Am hoping he likes them, and the Cultists that are stowed away in there as well.

So, for now though, as I sit in the airport at an ungodly hour, here is some quick photos of some of the faces that I painted up for the latest Space Wolf comms.

Not all the eyes came out as nice as I would have liked, but I am getting there. I like how the skins came out, and this was the first time I used an Airbrush to do the skin. Yes.. Airbrush.. though it was only to get an idea for highlights and shadows, it still worked quite well. I then tackled them with the normal brush ( do you think I can really do eyes with an airbrush??? If seen before, please link the post below!!! Would love to now how on 28mm figures!!! ). Client's request for different hair colors was quite loud, so had to figure out how to mix it up a bit. So some experimentation is inside there.

Expect to see more Space Puppies throughout the week as I am not able to do anything hobby related this trip. So now I am off to begin writing and editing photos for the remaining posts!


  1. Superb detail and great skin tones. Really like these.

    You certainly chose the wrong time of year to visit our shores unfortunately. The weather has really gone downhill in the last few weeks. Stay dry ;)

    1. True but then again, when is a good time to visit the UK? :) Each time I come here I get soaked!

  2. Great work. Painting skin remains an enigma to me.

    Rain? Flooding? You should come up to our neck of the woods, everything's white here!

    1. Cheers Vlasss309.. I'm starting to get the hang of it now I think..
      And yeah.. so I heard.. but I think I will stick to the rain/flooding for now ;) Work my way up to snow!

  3. Hola Amigo
    Una sbuenas caras
    Atento a mas

  4. Replies
    1. Cheers Brummie. Will do a more proper one sometime, but first need to figure out the camera better to show it off better.

  5. Replies
    1. Cheers Michael. Were fun to try out new things on them. Looking forward to more in the future!

  6. Gj, have the same heads on my table right now, wish i could do them as good as you:-o


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