Monday, December 24, 2012

Project Space Wolves: Njals and Wolf Priests

Njal.. in both Power and Terminator armor, and a Wolf Priest band together in this update. Showing their glowing rods of power, and pushing forth their faith in psychic storms.

Tried to paint these to some of my better levels, however the non-terminator armored ones are not exactly that detailed enough to go into them too far. Mandates for them was to have Njal ( both versions ) to have red beards, and the staffs glowy. Same for the wolf priest, sans red beard. I think the black hair looks better with him though.

And then the terminator version of Njal.. though this one doesn't have a crow. Seems it saved him from a lascannon shot in a previous life. and all that is left are the crow feet for good luck going forward. Or at least that is how I see it as there is no crow in the parts for this army, so nothing to add here. :(

I really tried to make all the runes, and eyes on the pelt glow here. To show that he is imbued with psychic power.. not sure if it came off all that well, but I attempted it all the same.

Not much left here.. just Arjac and Logan in Failcast format. Both have warped weapons, and unfortunately not much I cna do to save them. So they will be a bit "different" from the norm I guess. After reading online concerning these failcasts, and trying to fix them. I see more horror stories than success stories. So what can you do sometimes?

Another post showing some Infinity Nomads to come soon as well!

Also, how are the photos? Better? Worse? Always looking for comments on them.. There are heavy shadows on them due to the way this new light tent operates, but still I think it is working nicely. Thankfully I am painting things these days with a downward light source ;)


  1. good lookin stuff man! happy xmas by the way;-)

    1. Thanks mate.. and happy christmas to you and yours as well!

  2. Hola
    Muy buenas piezas,me gusta sobre todo el del cuervo,tipo odin con los sullos

  3. Very good work Mr Lee ! I like ;)
    Merry Christmas to you ;)

  4. Nice work the look really good. Have a Great Christmas!


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