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Mr Lee and the tally for 2012!

So 2012 is over, many things happened, and yet I still survived! As chatted with BuRock, we decided to do a year end results tally.

It was the year of changing positions at my day job, it was where I begun to expand to clients outside of Turkey, and it was where I began to really coin my phrase of being the home for Mass Production Painting style. Literally. I have spent more time at my painting desk than I have in many other locations.

Though at times this has been difficult due to travel for work, but somehow I have been steady in my painting count.

With this in mind, and being the end of the year, it was only natural to go back and look at some of the things that I have painted, and look at the quantity as well as the quality of the last year.

For me, it was mass commission year. Starting with the Dark Elf commission here in Turkey, and working over to a larger commission from a UK client for Imperial Guard. Finishing off the year with the Space Wolf army for another local. There was of course a few armies of my own such as the Night Goblins, and starting up my Daemons of Chaos. I also tried new scales such as Dystopian Wars, and also a 54mm scale Dwarf for BuRock as well.

It was also a tough year with regards to gaming, as I took quite a few licks from the local community with regards to tournament play. Having my fair share of complications and altercations throughout the year that has moved me more from gaming to painting with each passing incident.

Izmircon incident where I faced off against a very aggressive opponent that tested my patience for gaming in Turkey.
Metucon incident where I attempted to work with the new local authority of tournament play in Turkey, only to be tormented by the judges.

Upside though is that I had a productive year with regards to painting. Completing huge number of models.. . Don't believe me? Here is the break down below.. beware.. it is quite the long winded article..

Dark Elves.. a project that started in 2011, but was not finished until this year. Model count::205
37 Dark Elf Crossbows
50 Dark Elf Corsairs
24 DE Ex
13 DE Harpies
12 CW Cav
4 DE Pegasus
20 DE Shades
2 DE Bolt Throwers
4 DE BT Crew
2 DE Spear
1 DE Hydra
1 DE Assissin
1 DE Dreadlord
1 DE Sorcerer
1 DE Beastmaster on Manticore
1 DE Corsair Hero
4 DE Beastmasters
2 DE Queens
1 DE Hero
2 DE Heros on CO
1 Cauldron of Blood
1 DE Naked Girl

Highlight of painting this army aside from the naked girl being my best article was the freehand attempts.. such as the Angry Squid Banner.

From here I began the UK projects for Zzzzzz and his horde of Imperial Agents for Chaos. Model count ( and growing ) 493

15 Hasslefree Ladies
14 Van Saar
57 UK IG Greys
27 UK Mutants
12 UK Naked Lady
20 UK Stormtroopers
10 UK Gors
8 UK Satyrs
12 UK Orangedemtionists
121 UK Bloodcoats
4 UK FW Heros
20 UK Chaos Hounds
10 UK Rough Riders
93 UK Catachans
23 UK Heavy Weapon Teams
2 UK Priests
1 UK Dark Apostle
20 UK Cultists
9 UK Cadets
15 UK Cawdor


Highlights of this army was the 2 days of painting. Completing no less than 100 Imperial Guards of the Renegade variety within those 48 hrs.

Final touch ups to my own army of Night Goblins were also completed. I can almost say that it is completely finished ( but can an army ever be really finished? ) with a lot of models being completed prior to our epic match in Ankara this past spring. Model count 154

4 Gob UFs
8 Orc Boar Boys
2 Gob Trolls
12 Orc Arrow Boys
12 Gob Fanatics
30 Gob Spearmen
26 Gob Archers
13 Gob Command
1 Gob Hero
1 Gob Squig Herder
1 GOb Hero
2 GOb Wolf Heros
1 Orc Savage on Boar
1 Orc on Boar Hero
1 Scibor Lovelord
2 Gob Ararchnarok Spiders
22 Ottoman Gob
5 Gob Squigs

Another army was the Space Wolves which I have been working on and off with for the past 6 months. Can't say it has been the best experience but anything you can live through just makes you stronger yes? Model count 84

1 SW Drop Pod
3 SW Wolfen
3 SW Guards
8 SW Terminators
6 SW Wolf Cav
5 SW Fenrisian Wolves
39 Grey Hunters
12 SW Long Fangs
2 SW Rhinos
5 Characters ( 2 Njals, 1 Rune Priest, Arjac, and Logan )

My Daemons of Chaos which are my go to army now and forever really. One that I just can't seem to pull away from, regardless of how well, or how bad the rules pla out at times. Below is just a sample of what I have on the table, and what I have left to work on. Model count 157

80 DOC Deamonettes
44 DOC PBs
10 DoC Bloodletters
2 DoC Fiends
2 DoC Nurgle Herald
2 DoC Slannesh Herald
12 DoC Screamers
3 DOC Nurglings
1 DoC Soul Grinder
1 DoC Tzeentch Hero
Several hundred lava bases.. :)

Then we have the Dystopian Wars where I started on my Empire of the Blazing Sun fleet, but haven't touched the Americans as yet. Model count 31

6 DW EoTBS Cruisers
9 DW EoTBS Frigates
5 DW EoTBS Bombers
10 DW EoTBS Flyer Tokens
1 DW EoTBS Battleship

And then the random pieces that were one offs or fillers of time when and where I had some.. Model count 39

8 Cival War Infantry
4 Cival War Artillery
1 Chaos Dwarf Destroyer
1 Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer
1 Chaos Dwarf Snail
1 Scibor Dwarf Bust
1 Yedharo Bust
4 Fences - Scenery
2 Hills - Scenary
2 Ruins from Russia - Scenery
1 Modern Diner - Scenery
5 Eldar WS
1 DA Chaplain
1 Scibor 54mm Dwarf
2 Infinity Krazy Koalas
1 Infinity Nomad Interventor
1 Infinity Nomad Moran Hunter
1 Empire Wizard
1 Toy Dolphin

And this brings us to the end, which sees the final total to be a staggering 1163 models/items/scenery pieces that I have worked on and completed this year. Not bad.. more so considering that I have taken on a new position, and all the travel I had to do throughout the year. Next year won't be any different with more projects that I will be working on.. some might even be sitting on this table..

So enjoy the festivities where ever you are, and hope your new year is as good as it can be.


  1. WOW just WOW just one of your projects beats my tally for the year by double probably. You run a great blog with some fantastic mini's painted up and displayed. Look forward to your 2013 figures

  2. Was just a "few" models mates :) And yeah.. am looking forward to 2013 and seeing what I can get completed for that year. :)

  3. Now that's what i call a tally mate. Impressive work you ve done throughout this year. Awesome... Just awesome...

  4. Hola Amigo
    GUAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU tio que pasada,que curada de figuras
    As deja el liston muy alto para el 2013
    Atentos estaremos.....


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