Sunday, December 30, 2012

Project Space Wolves: Logan Grimnar

Leader of the Wolves while out fighting the enemy of the Imperium he is.

Oldest bad ass out of the bunch he claims to be.

Made of failcast he is, and a complete bugger to remove the mold lines, injection sites, and air vents that pop up everywhere on these models.

At least his weapon is on straight, which is more than I can say about his friend Arjac.

This was an interesting model to paint up, and was asked to make it in my best quality possible. So that is what I attempted while still making sure it fit with the rest of the army. Again, just like the other characters, his armor has a bit more of a blue hue in it than the normal line troopers. Not a bad thing as it helps to make him stand out a bit.

Only things that I was told to ensure I had with him was the grey/white beard, and a reddish weapon. I also went with a lot more paler face skin tone here by added some grey into the mix. Have to say that I really like how this one came out though, and I might experiment some more like this in the future.

His ax came out nicely as well though. Using the airbrush to attempt some shading through it, and then touching it up with normal brush. Again, something that I will try more of in the future, but it had a nice effect and I think I am getting better at this whole power weapon thingy now!

More photos below..

Still need to add snow to the base, but I will be doing that en-mass to the entire army at the same time. Most probably next week or weekend that will happen.

Just finishing up Arjac now, and most probably he will be the last model that I will complete for this year. The final year's tally will be posted up tomorrow.. so anyone who has been following can see how crazy I have been this year with regards to painting!

Cheers and enjoy the rest of the weekend.. am off to go and play a game of Fantasy.. last game of the year and using ETC rules for an up-coming tournament. Which will be my first games of the year!


  1. Skin and beard looks absolutely perfect, the rest is very cool too, great job!

  2. Brilliant paintjob, I do love this character his look and his background.

  3. Thanks guys.. I had a hard time getting the skin to work but I think it came out well in the end. One last character to paint up still!


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