Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Project Daemons of Chaos: Khorne Bloodletter test

So it is Christmas.. the snow in Istanbul has fallen, and left us. My son has woken up, and begun to rip through the presents laid under the tree. Since I am writing this up the evening before, I am hoping that he is enjoying all the presents. Plenty of Lego sets, PS3 gear like the Book of Secrets. Probably playing it now with the wife and I.

In the meantime, here is a test model for my old OOP Khorne Bloodletters. It took a bit longer than I liked however, so although I have base coated the others in red with this scheme, the rest of it took forever. So will be redoing them now in something that is a bit easier to deal with, and allowing more of the model to be covered in other base colors. Like the chocolate brown, or black. 

Anyways.. here is a shot of it.. front/back.. need to make the color transitions for the red more. Deeper browns for the recesses, and brighter red/orange for the highlights. However the metals, fur, and blade I think I like, and will keep. Metal has some green glaze to it, to age it a bit, and was based on a chocolate brown base to make the brass/bronze a bit more darker to contrast more with the skin. 

As far as the photos go.. I am still experimenting.. but I am liking the pure black background that is going with it. It is something that I have struggled with for a long time, so I am happy with it, but the colors are not coming out quite as well as I would like still. I will try to print out some more detailed or patterned backgrounds though like that from Corvus's blog. He has a couple nice ones there that might work nicely for taking photos in the future. 

Anyway.. if your reading this today.. all I can say is go back to your family and enjoy the Christmas day. But do come back the day afterwards.. I'm sure I will have more photos of something or another ;)

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