Saturday, December 29, 2012

Putty and Paint

Here is a quick shout out to a great resource to any painter wanting to show off their stuff, or just take in some inspiration for their next project.

I heard whispers of this back when attending Stephan's Painting class in Germany. Now, nothing was stated in concrete, but it was clear from the hints dropped by Stephan that something was coming.

Not too long afterwards, this site gets released! And many of his award winning entries alongside it.

Of course other great artists from the German region like those 2 crazy guys from Massive Voodoo, Raffa and Roman, were involved. 2 artists that I would like to meet one day, be it for a side visit or for one of their painting classes.

And recently Uli has put up his special forces model that I got to see in person during the workshop. Great guy that really helped me out while in Eschweiler for the painting class. Great guy, so if your lucky enough to be on the site, give him your praise for his works!

If you have a chance to check it out, do so! I am hopeful that one day I could be on the site, and have something that is worthy of being shown on it! 2013 is the year where I will be trying to improve my painting even more and get into this realm display painting and such painting styles!

So the link once more, is here for Putty&Paint.. go.. have a look.. and if you know of it already, then post up about it as much as you can as well!

Would post some photos from it on here, but honestly.. it is hard to pick which ones to choose.. so best to just keep saying.. go and check it out!

Cheers and enjoy the rest of the weekend!


  1. Thanks for a very interesting link Mr Lee.

  2. Great link, there's some gifted gits over there.

  3. Thanks both.. just got an invite to it as well.. now to go off and try to make something that is worth showing off on it as well! One day.. one day indeed!


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