Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Birthday! With Swag..

Yup.. it be that time again! Clocked in another major year for me.

This time last year I had just been told my position was being made redundant, and that I would not be getting an automatic placing for another position within the company that I work for. If I wanted to stay, I would have to apply.

As it were, I did apply for a nice manager position within the new organization and received it! So 1 yr later, I go from where my job security is in question to a pretty solid position within my company. Quite happy with that result actually!

So with that behind me, below are a couple of things I received for my birthday from friends and family..

First up is a present from BuRock.. a Dwarf. Who would have thunk it coming from him? :) While giving it to me though, he stated quite clearly that I would never figure out where it came from, but it was rare. And he was right. After a lot of searching online, and no luck, I ended up having to beg/blackmail him to tell me where it came from. Seems it is an OOP Hasslefree Dwarf to go with my ever shelved Ottoman Dwarf project! Which means, in the new year I MUST re-start and work on that army more!

Second up was a pack of Screamers from another buddy of mine. The one whom I painted up all the Dark Elves for. Talk about a great client.. hint hint wink wink.. ;)

From my wife I got this.. a box with Chinese letters on it! Yay! Always wanted one of those.. Oh.. wait.. there is something inside.. and it seems to be a new LIGHT TENT! Have to say, that this is a nice surprise, and one that she knows I have been struggling to get properly done for a while now.

She got a lot of negative comments from people at work concerning why would you give your husband such a thing?!?? Have to love her for putting up with explaining my hobby to others, and defending her choice of gifts. I can only imagine what kind of comments would have appeared if she had bought me models instead!

And last, but not least, the present I bought on behalf of my parents and nana..

Yes, a subscription to the Miniature Mentor video series! Already downloaded the main, and the basing guide, and have to say that they are both quite interesting to see. Lots of ideas on basing already swimming through my mind, and the rest, well.. let's just say I now have something to watch while on vacation next week ;)

So there you go.. hopefully you will all get to see better photos with the new light tent, and better painted models from the self improvement training I will put myself through in the coming months! Here is to another year, and hopefully one filled with more adventures, more painted models, and better quality to boot!


  1. Congratulation on your job, birthday, pressies and big congrats for having such a lovely wife, who buys you something you want, and not something she wants you to have.....

  2. Congrats man! I work for the State of FL and the idiots here kept doing budget cuts and I lost my position also. I was told I had a job with a demotion in rank but not pay or apply for other jobs. I got a job promotion. I may be one of a handful in the state that actually made the leap also to move up instead. Glad things worked out for you! Happy Bday!

  3. happy bday once more matey. it seems you forgot to mention that this is a placeholder gift to you, as i am working on something way cooler than that for you. too bad the RL issues took precedence :(

    wowed when saw the missus' present. true love... :) also your self-present is something i must say.

    always nice to hang out with you, although you still owe me a couple of beers ;)

  4. Thanks everyone..

    @Clint.. indeed.. am very happy with it. Will test it out later this weekend :)

    @styx.. good job to you too then! Guess we both were lucky then this year for work!

    @BuRock.. actually I didn't forget more like I didn't mention so that I could show an article of me being surprised by an extra gift made later and show how awesome you are.. oh well.. guess you have to go with slacker and mediocre ;)

  5. Congratulation an happy birthday Mr Lee

  6. Well done with the job turning itself around and Happy Birthday sir. Look forward to seeing these built and painted up.

  7. Thanks guys.. it was a good evening spent with family and friends.. and paining and chatting about painting :) Am such a geek in that respect.

  8. Oww I missed it!
    Happy belate birthday :) Seems that you had a great day!

    Nice presents, I'm sure you will enjoy the painting DVD's!

    To make sure I don't miss the next event: "Merry Christmas in advance" :P

    1. Thanks MaGie.. and yes, I am previewing the videos now. I can see what you mean concerning Ben's basing video.. I suspect I will be copying a bit of it in the future as well. :)
      Merry Christmas to you and yours over this holiday season as well!


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