Wednesday, July 24, 2013

WIP Wednesday

And we are back to the middle of the week.. why is it only the middle of the week? Why can it not be Friday already? ugh.. yeah it has been that kind of week..

So this is what is on the WIP table at the moment..

Kabuki Models Napoleon Sci-Fi commander. I am trying a lot of new things with him.. some are working, some not so much. But he is coming along all the same.

And my socket for Alice is coming along more and more. Now we have some funky mushrooms growing up in spots around it. It is almost ready for primer and paint!

You may notice that there are no TableTop quality models, no commissions in this post.. I am holding off due to my holidays coming up and me going to Germany once more. Where the focus will be to up my painting skills once more. So until that is completed, I am trying to finish some projects that have been stuck in my head for a while before I go back and focus on the UK project. Am hoping I come back from holidays a little bit more motivated, energized and ready to tackle those projects once more! In the meantime I have a few topics I want to finish for some online competitions and for personal goals.. let's see how they turn out!


  1. Such a good figure and pose too!

    1. Really happy I picked up when Ian sent that money over from his online competition! I have the German guy and a pin up female marine from that set to do still.. going to be fun!
      Still got to find an appropriate socket for him!

  2. Hola
    Muy buena pinta si señor
    Buena pintura esa parte de mnm
    Buena esa escena
    Atento te sigo
    un saludo

  3. Your painting skills have come up several notches since your classes at Massive Voodoo. Before we know it, you'll be competing at the Crystal Brush.

    I'm totally looking forward to seeing Alice and her base completed.

    1. Ha! No, sorry, no Crystal Brush for me.. not in the immediate to medium future.. but thank you for the compliment :) Let's see how my painting goes after my next 2 workshops with MV in September :)

      Alice is going to get paint very very soon! So keep an eye out for her! Or at least her base!


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