Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mini TableTop painting workshop @ Mr Lees!

Well right about now I am either sitting on a plane or landed in Japan! Whoo hoo! Too bad it is for work and not play though :(

That being said, over the weekend there was plenty of play, in the form of painting! I had the opportunity to take over the house and host a workshop on how to improve tabletop painting styles for some of the local club members. Opportunity only existed because Mrs Lee and the little one were off at Grandma's for the weekend! So with them away, I transformed the living room into this:

Moving furniture, carpets and couches out of the way so that I could put my painting tables, and kitchen table into the room along with all the chairs I could find. Pretty much set up and ready for people to show up and paint!

Lucky for me, Kenan from FigurInIstanbul blog. We have been meaning to meet up since my workshop back in March with MV, but timing and protests have made that a bit impossible as of late. Have to say he is a really cool guy, lots of talent ( I mean look at his blog! ) and I hope to have some more sessions with him in the future. Was nice to have another person in the workshop ( Ok living room, but still let a man dream here ) to bounce ideas off of, and get some immediate feedback on pieces while he was there.

He even brought me a small model that we painted up together. I was able to show him how I use the airbrush ( and my non-cleaning technique that surprised him! ) on the model he brought.

Was an interesting little piece, and one that deserves a proper socket to go with it. Still thinking on ideas here for what to put her on. Carpet with more pillows? Near an indoor pool? Mop and buckets? Jabba the Hut? Ideas are spinning inside me, but not sure where the wheel will stop yet! Any ideas from you?

As well as this, others from the gaming club showed up and I was showing them also how to use the airbrush to do quick and easy work on Table Top Standard models. First up were a big batch of Sedition Wars Vanguard troopers. A very simple, Black>Grey>White scheme from the airbrush, and a wash made 90% of the work finished for them, with just the visors and guns left to paint.

For another it was showing how to quickly paint up a TT standard character using only a hand full of colors.

Minimus, leader of the Halfling army. Painted to match the rest of the army, hence the green scheme instead of a traditional red colors for a roman like dress. I think this model took a little more than 30 minutes to paint up? But I was explaining the steps as I went through. Again, not the best work, but something quick that showed wet on wet for the cloak, how to use minimal colors ( Green, Orange, Flesh with the same highlight and shadow colors ). And how to use the Vallejo Alcohol Gold range.

Aside from this, I did get a bit of time to see what the others were working on and give some advice here and there. Plus help to order a some pizza ( to which we got one that was called Pizza Fit? Basically Cheese and a few tomato slices per piece of pizza... not sure it was a Fit pizza but.. ).

As you can see here, Mesut was workig on his new GD piece. Tau Stealthsuits. His use of color is so great that he painted it to match his pants and shirt here. Can you spot the model? :)

In the end, lots of paint was tossed around, many discussions were held ( some concerning Japanese culture ), and overall a good time I think was had. Or at least I had a good time, even if it was exhausting! I am hoping to have this again in the future, but will see if/when that might occur.

There is one more piece I worked on there, but that will come in another post of its own :)

Cheers for now!


  1. Now that is painting table! It must have been tough to put it all back when the session had finished!

    1. Indeed. It was hard to put back to normal, but it gave me a chance to update my set up anyways. So win/win.

  2. Hola
    Esto es una de las cosas que mas me gustan de esta pasión nuestra.las reuniones para pintar y pasar el rato
    un saludo

    1. De acuerdo. Mi esperanza es hacer más de ellos en el futuro!

  3. Now that's a great way to spend time. The nude is a pretty little figure and I would keep her base simple so as not to take away from the figure too much.

    Enjoy the nightlife in Japan if you get the chance!

    1. Thanks Anne. Indeed I think keeping it simple is the way to go, just what kind of scene do you think for her?

      And Japan is pretty cool so far! Expect a post or 3 on that to come in the future!

  4. Now that would have been good to be part of, very nice!

    1. Thanks Fran. Maybe I will be able to organize one when I move to the UK? Get the posties involved ;)

  5. Replies
    1. Cheers Roman, hope to see more workshop reviews from you soon! Considering your a workshop fiend these days and working so hard on them!


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