Tuesday, July 23, 2013

MS-06S Zaku II Master Grade kit

Halt! In the name of Zeon... if you do not halt.. well.. um.. erm.. I dunno...

So this is a Gundam kit that I picked up while in Japan a few weeks back. It was actually quite funny that I walked all around Akihabara and didn't see any of these kits for a decent price. But while at the airport walking around I was able to see this one on sale and for a decent price? So I picked it up to work on with my son.

I call it work in progress only because it is still in its original colors from the plastic that it comes in. But I do plan on painting it up. Giving it a bit of weathering, battle damage, and a better color than pink/purple/red. Military green would fit it better I think in the end.

It was quite a pain to build up though. As it has been forever since I have done such an intricate build on a model so having to spend upwards of 4 hrs to piece it together was kind of an experience all its own. Though in the end, I cannot deny that it came together very well!

I really do like that it is almost fully pose able here, and I can really articulate the feet, legs, body, arms, head and even fingers! Something that we dont get a lot of in GW models that is for sure!

But when I get around to painting it, I will glue the parts into place after deciding on a specific pose. I am contemplating a flying shooting pose with the bazooka. Just cause I think the bazooka is the best weapon and fits the antagonist in him the best!

If I were to do a flying pose, then I will need to find a suitable flying stand ( most like a clear rod ) to go with him and it will make the basing aspect easier for me also :) Meaning I wont need to make one :) Will see though.

In the meantime my son and I are having fun making him fight against his other toys. He is already the bad guy without me having to say so to my son. So that is pretty cool, and currently he is taking up residence in my son's hot wheels car garage. Cause well, that is what big robots do! And as you can see from the final photo, this little Zaku was getting shy after so many photos and was not wanting any more!

Let me know what you think for colors on this guy, and I hope to tackle him in the near/middle future when I am confident my skills will do it justice!



  1. It's an impressive model but definitely a colour change unless the force is ladies only!

    1. Indeed. A bit of shock hit me when I opened it and saw the color of the "red" that it is :) So it will get a proper paint job at one point or another!

  2. Hola Amigo
    Buen bicho,yo le e pintado dos veces,para un diorama,de estos robot e echo unos cuantos,y si te puedo decir a my me sirvió en you tube unos vídeos de japon de construcción de estos robot y posibles dioramas,hay un montón,YO los mios los pinte de camuflaje y en una selva,lo saque de uno de esos vídeos que te comento.

    1. Gracias JD
      Tendrá un vistazo en Youtube y luego para pintar estos, y obtener algunas ideas de combinaciones de colores. Todavía tengo que encontrar la manera que quiero configurarlo postura prudente. Y si voy a hacer una base personalizada para él o no tan bien. Vamos a ver!

  3. In the Gundam WIKI you'll find some pretty nice color schemes for exactly this model. MAybe you can get some inspiration there :)


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