Friday, July 19, 2013

WIP Shots.. whats on the desk now..

So it has been a busy week with a couple of things to catch up with since returning from my trip. With that in mind, I wanted to show what was on the table currently.

2 of the pieces are for online competitions with Brushbrothers forums that need to get completed pretty quickly here. 1 is just for fun, and another is to see the comparison for a future workshop I will attend.

So to start here is the base that I will use for my Belial model for the Space Marine Clash of Colors competition on Brushbrothers.

Pretty monotone here, but it gives the vibe of a desert I think? Thoughts on how to improve it?

Next is the socket redo for Alice.. I liked the floating bricks idea, but it just was not working on the older base. So I kicked it up a notch and really went to town with the bricks and sand.

I tried to add some clockwork pieces, and some roots/foliage to it. I will add some grass to it as well, and some mushrooms to go with the Alice theme. She will stand on the bottom level, while the rabbit will be on the top portion. Am hopeful this one will work out for me....

Then I have the work on Belial and Napoleon Sci Fi. More on Napoleon as Belial is suffering from artistic blockage at the moment! But I hope to get him finished very soon! Maybe even this weekend?

I went with pure metal armor for Napoleon here though, and I have no idea what I will do for a socket for him yet. That will come much later I guess.. but it will be a bit more sci-fi/mechanical in nature though I guess. Will see..

And last some more updates on Brekk bust.. seems my bro likes it, and is looking forward to updates. So renewed interest to finish it is available.

I actually think this photo, from my cell phone, is better than the ones I took with my NEX-5R.. but it could be the lighting. It does show off the coloring better and is a bit more realistic here. Still lots to do here though, and I am still not fully happy with the yellow cowl. I am considering to redo it completely in another color that is easier to paint but that would just be giving up. So I will continue to plow through it!

So yeah.. a few projects on the go that is to get my painting mojo back. I still have Project UK to finish up also, but I don't want to touch them if I am not feeling 100% on painting. Don't want to mess up others, but am OK to do it to my own :)

Leave comments below on what you like of the group, or where you think I can go for any of the projects for their next steps. Cheers!


  1. very fun stuff :) nice paint & cool interesting diorama bases.

    for the desert base, maybe a tint of ocher-yellow and rust color, to vary up the colors?

    1. Thanks LF.. lots going on at the moment!

      Mmm ocher yellow and rust colors.. mmm nice idea there! Will give it a go and see how it looks! Thanks!

  2. Holy Moly that is a huge pile of WIPs. Love it!
    I always stand in awe when I look at pictures from before and after your workshop marathon. Improvement is unbelievable.
    I'm really looking forward to the Alice base. One thing to improve would perhaps be to do some tinkering beyond ground level? Clockworks under the paveway which shines through in the cracks for example? Saw that at some base manufacturer and that really looked awesome and I think that would fit here too.

    1. Thanks Paradox0n! And cheers for that comment about my improvement as well!

      I like the idea of the clock works below the bricks.. but not sure if I can pull it off on the bottom level, but maybe on the top level... mmm something to look at and see if it is possible indeed! Mixed with a bit of sand/dirt to look like it is part of the organic nature showing through.. nice idea!

  3. Those bases look really interesting, looking forward seeing their progress.


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