Wednesday, July 3, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Display Sockets

So with some of the projects I have been working on lately, I was needing to come up with some sort of base to put them on.

Well since they are more for display than for gaming, I figured I should build up some nice display sockets for them to sit on!

Here are 2 that I am working on at the moment.

The first is in relation to the Alice in Wonderland model that I won from I am going for a steampunk theme ( due to the model ) but not fully. So thinking brick roads are a good start there.

But due to the nature of Alice, I also want some weird element to it, so I am having the bricks begin to float around and off the path a bit..

Not sure how it will work in the end, but I am liking the direction so far. Worst case I will redo sections of it ( or the whole thing ) but the idea is what I am looking for, and it at least a test to see if it could work. And it seems like it can :)

The second socket that I am working on is for Belial. This is a larger one, and one that I also tried new things on. Some did not work as you can see.

I tried a new product called Crackle Medium. I think I did not use it properly, or didn't wait long enough or something. But in the end it did not so much crackle as it did pock mark the surface. Am of 2 minds of if it is a bad thing or not.

The coloring is just black primer with a grey primer over spray on top. No real colors yet, so I can still mess around with it like more Crackle to get the real effect, or more dirt/sand in spots if required.

So there you go for a WIP Wednesday post. I am bringing this kind of back due to someone asking me where it had went! So I will en devour to keep it up a bit more.. or at least try :)

Cheers and more reviews and guest posts forthcoming.


  1. Hola Dos buenos escenarios,el de ladrillos muy bueno para Alicia,y eso de poner algunos en el aire buena idea.
    No te preocupes si no sale a la primera,yo siempre digo que esto es repetición repetición,ya saldrá bien jajaja
    un saludo

    1. Gracias JD.
      Sí, si no funciona, al final, yo vuelva a intentarlo con lo que he aprendido de éste. Yo ya estoy aprendiendo mucho con respecto a lo que ellos flotan allí, así que sólo puedo asumir que el próximo sea mejor!

  2. When you use crackle medium: The thicker you put it on, the bigger the cracks. And you should give it at least a 24h time to dry. Tested it out lately because I want to do some lava stuff with it. But from your pictures it seems everything is alright. Only thing I would try is: First crackle medium, then stones and stuff so you get a bigger layer where it could crackle.

    Hm which bricks did you use? Selfmade or did you buy them?
    And I am very excited to see your steampunk alice. If I could paint better this would be surely a mini I would buy ;)

    1. Thanks for the tips on the crackle medium there. I waited I think about 2 hrs? :) And tried to speed it up with a hair dryer as well? Probably not the best thing to do. But I am also using a clear version, so it makes it very hard to see the effects.

      Have reapplied it over the current bits, and have tried it as a thin layer. Will see what effects that have as I will let it sit normally now until tonight or tomorrow morning. Then respray and see how it turns out.

      As for the bricks, I picked them up from PK-PRO. They are the 1/48 scale ones, and I have some 1/32 scale ones around also that I might use in the future. Great little things, but really hard to manage to make them "float" there :) Am hoping I can make both the base and Alice work out nicely in the end!

    2. Yeah 2 hours is probably not long enough :) Have also a clear one and it really depends on the thickness of your coat. While drying it shrinks and thus creates the crackles. Haven't tried how much you can pile up but since I have one crackle medium (from Viva Decor) which is used for dishplates etc. it says "not thinner than 1mm and not thicker than 4mm" and "do not speed up the drying and wait approx. 24h depending on the thickness".

      Ah the bricks from Felix. Saw them a while ago but hadn't a real need for them. I'll stay tuned to see the results of your floating base :)


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