Friday, July 5, 2013

LeBen Knightmare Review

So a while ago I was trolling some forums, blogs, facebook and Putty&Paint. And everywhere I was going I kept seeing this damn model! I mean it is everywhere at the moment! So much in fact that there is a Facebook group called Knightmare Challenge where different painters are taking their version, and having it judged by the creator himself!

Well, after looking at the model all I could say was that I fell in love with it. It is a monster, it is putrid, it is hideous, and it looks from the box art that he probably smells ( and probably would if either of the boys over at Massive Voodoo paint it up knowing their history of experiments! ).

All I can say is that this model looks like it would fit my painting style quite nicely. Which is a bit messy, a bit chaotic, and completely random! Perfect for me!

So looking at the packing for shipping. It came in a larger than required box. Secured with insulation boards, bubble wrap, and soft packing cloth. And the box itself was wrapped in probably 3 rolls of tape. Pretty impressive actually! Inside all this was a beautiful box showing the companies logo: LeBen Models Miniatures with a skull motif above the wording.

Inside the model was inside a ziplock bag sitting between 2 more layers of soft foam ( think GW hobby case foam ) and some card inserts. Showing the rarity of the model, the box art ( card art? ), and a thank you promo card for the purchase which also serves as advertisement for another of his busts available.

After taking the model out of the baggie here and having a quick look over the model I noticed a ton of pock marks in the model! Thankfully they were supposed to be there and the level of detail on this model is insane!

The only piece I am concerned with is the backpack of spears. As it is quite thin and fragile here. Aside from that though, I see no issues with this model whatsoever. No mould lines once more, and just the odd resin vent section. Easy to remove from the pieces though with barely visible once assembled. Great work on how to cast the pieces and ensure the minimal effect to the model itself. Prep for this will be again very easy!

What is also great about this model is the level of details on it. I mean the left hand there has fingernails.. and not just put onto the fingers all willy-nilly, but proper scary ones that are sharp enough to open other knights to get to their soft insides. The pock marks as mentioned before are all well made, and impressive in how the casting can pick them up so easily without causing tears or rips in the model or leaving excess resin on them. No undercuts on the model that I can see unlike failcast models which are full of the undercuts, and excess resin/plastic in places that just kill the details.

I have to say at this point that this is the 3rd resin model that I have received that I am saying that the prep is going to be easy. These guys are really going the extra mile here to make sure that they deliver a top shelf model and are really catering to the modeler scene with their work! Hope to be this spoiled on future purchases also!

Again a quick size comparison. When looking at it online it was very difficult for me to understand how large or small it is. A comment of it being about the size of a GW terminator is about accurate. See the comparison below though:

So he is big enough to do a lot of work on, but not so large as to scare me from painting him any time soon.

I have already seen a few conversions of him on the Knightmare Challenge group. Can't say that I will be attempting any of that with this model, but can say that the color schemes and painting that others are doing on it are really inspirational to me, and I will be drawing on them for when I work on mine. Expect there to be blood on this though.. so much blood!

Overall a great little mode, one that I am really glad that I opted to pick it up. Expect to see it being put into the painting rotation within the next months so that I can also participate into the challenge ( due end of November! ). Just have to figure out what I will do regarding the base though.. always a challenge in and unto itself for me.

Enjoy this link to the original version that motivated me to buy it! I can only hope to paint it this well, but let's see as time goes on :)

Cheers and again, leave a comment if you like this review!


  1. He is something else. I looked at the pic and his backside-whew! Yes, I can almost smell it from here! He should be fun to paint and best wishes on the Challenge.

    1. Yes, he is something else indeed. He will be a lot of fun to paint up, just trying to figure out which head to use here!


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