Monday, July 1, 2013

Tuffskull's Art Book Review

So this is a different review of sorts for me. A book review!

Now anyone that knows me, knows I do not read much.. less so if it is rules for a game set :)

Thankfully this is an ArtBook, and so is full of great photos of Tuffskull's work over the years.

It was a private project made out of love for the hobby, and to show off his skills that he has made over the years. And was talking about over at his blog Tuffskull's World of Painting where I originally found it, followed the progress, and ultimately purchased from!

I have to say, that the idea of this is great, and looking at the quality of the book as well I am pretty sure he is not making any money from selling it. So it is more out of pride of being able to have others have a book of his work more so than making a profit from it. And that is really cool on many levels.

And since I got one of the first copies I also got a special little surprise model that I will show at the end of this review in more details.

What was cool was Tuffskull was very open in the communication while trying to order this book. Which is refreshing to have complete transparency from someone who is trying to have you money in exchange of a product. Makes it more personal of an experience, shows that they value you as a customer, and well made it easier to send him money over paypal for a book than I would normally do.

Tuffskull was even nice enough to sign and give me a personal message inside the cover of the book!

As far as the book goes, it is top shelf here. The paper is not normal magazine paper like White Dwarf or something. It is proper photo card stock paper. Has a real weight behind it here. Something that is good in that the pages do not bend. Makes it hard to thumb through it of course, but the trade off is that this book will last a lot longer and still be in the same shape that I received it in.

I also really like how he takes his photos on a black background. Something that many would notice I do the same with my photos. Of course, Tuffskull is better with the camera than I am and his photos come out a lot better!

So far I have picked it up and read it a few times. Most noticeable while on my way to Brussels a few weeks ago. As it had just arrived just before I left for my flight! Was a nice change of pace to look over this while on the plane more than the in flight magazine or the overplayed movie on the overhead monitors.

There were more than a few people curious as to what I was looking at, and I got into a conversation with the person beside me on what this was, and what it was all about. Perhaps a future modeler? Probably not, but at least it showed that even miniatures can be used as Art compared to many years ago when it was just for those geeky people in basements with smelly paints and massive acme.

If were to say anything negative on the book it would be the odd grammar issue. I think I am spoiled with many of these products these days being focused on an English speaking customer base that it is hard to remember that many of the better artists speak English as their second language! So the grammar parts are more just something that I read twice, but quickly forgot afterwards.

Oh and as said.. a small gift with the purchase was a Chinese Goblin model!

I am over the moon to see this though. Mostly because I have been looking for such a model or character that I could use as a mascot for my blog! Considering the Chinese theme here, and my love for all things Goblins.. it is quite the great combo here!

Size comparison below:

Quite a large Goblin!

Casting of it is again quite great just like the book. Small vent sections of excess resin, but no visible mold lines or air bubbles here neither! I will have to really think of what I will do with this to give it the attention it deserves here! Will have to do a lot of thinking on this one here!

So if you are thinking of picking up a book to give you some inspiration on miniature projects, or just want another art book to add to the coffee table to show to guests than I would recommend this book to you. Check out his last message concerning stock of it available here on his blog.

Hope you liked this as due to work constraints there will be quite a few reviews and guest posts being published this week. Hopefully I will get back to painting things myself soon!


  1. Looks and sounds good especially like the Goblin.

  2. Hey thank you Kyle, I'm happy you like it!

  3. Certainly one of the most talented painters out there. His creations really are miniature works of art.

  4. Certainly one of the most talented painters out there. His creations really are miniature works of art.


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