Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Review Tuesday: Massive Voodoo Tutorials

The masters of disasters pictured above are the source of today's review. The boys who are bigger than life ( I mean look at them.. they are taller than that door there! ). Kinda creepy? Maybe... but let's continue all the same.

But the review is not fully on those 2, but on what they bring to the community. Especially with regards to their Tutorials they have on Massive Voodoo.

Reason for this is that over the process of creating my current base work, I have dug into their archives quite a bit to pull out some interesting tidbits.

Things like the bricks... though I had learned some of this from the basing class back in August last year. But it was great to re-read their thoughts on how to apply it and here to apply it.

Or using some of the wood pieces to better applications ( even if I didn't fully use it, but it was great for inspiration ).

And this tutorial I really want to use, but need to see if time will permit me to get it done before the end time of the competition. Adding some posters to the walls ( even with all those lovely bricks and slabs made ).

One trick that I do want to do is to add some more litter to the base. Especially with regards to the newspapers and magazines from this tutorial.. 

But I digress... cause there are plenty of items on their Tutorials at the moment... such as adding pigments to the base to weather it up ( though John will have words from this as I did do his weathering class also ).

So to end this small, weird, review of the Massive Voodoo Tutorial section.. just wanted to point out how much information is out there. Massive Voodoo is just one avenue, but one that has quite a wealth of information available. One that has been around for over 5 yrs and continues to grow on a weekly basis!

All images are from the tutorials themselves, taken by the Massive Voodoo crew.. who I will get a chance to meet up with again in February! Looking forward to it already! And what new tricks they have learned since our last encounter :D

Now go. Get inspired, and PAINT!


  1. Self confessed fan boy here too and not ashamed of it either. They have fantastic tutorials which I fully blame for me wanting to change from painting table top stuff to trying display pieces and definitely pushing my basing.

    Obviously, seeing your stuff helps too, and your current Portal piece is turning into a monster (a vent nice monster too).

    1. Glad that I am not the only one Forte! Always good to search for such information and advice. If you can also gain some inspiration from it as well.. then all the better for it!

  2. They really are an inspiration to me too. I have spent many an hour trawling their site when looking for new ideas.

    1. Indeed. Great source of material. Especially some of the older topics there. Mini-gold mines there :)

  3. Awesome...sometimes I forget about the great sites, when they get buried in my bookmarks. Thanks for the day I hope to be able to match the talent and inspiration of all the things you post here!

    1. Great place to keep coming back to mate. Just looking at your page it will get there too. Great stuff there also. Keep it up!


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