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Interview with Fernando Ruiz!

Fernando Ruiz Ceano. A name I did not know prior to appearing at one of his workshops earlier this year in Blumberg. However I can say that since meeting the man behind the brush over that intense weekend workshop, I can say that he is quite the interesting guy.

He now has a new shop set up called Fernando Ruiz Miniatures. Which is a compilation of different classic series such as: Clash of Cultures, Fahrenheit Miniature Project, Peter Punk, Portraits from the American Civil War, Stahlhelm Series, and a new 1:12 busts line, Magna Historica, that has started this Christmas with a Joan of Arc bust by Pedro Fernández.

He has done interviews in the past before. More to do with his painting and idols within the industry like the one from Putty&Paint here. So for me, I wanted to focus more on his new venture with FeR the miniature company, and how the future looks for him. 

Fernando praying that the flys leave us alone for our paining class!
Q1: With the creation of FeR, it seems you are taking a more central stage in the company. Is there a master plan behind this?

A1: Well, I already was in the central stage of H&V, as I was its owner at 50% and I was in charge of the sales, marketing, public relationships, artistic direction and most of the painting. Sadly, some circumstances arised that led to my decision of leaving, together with the rest of people who worked with us or had a collaboration line. About the master plan, it is exactly the same one we had when we were all involved in the old company: releasing cool miniatures and being happy about it.

Random Encounter model painted by Fernando.

Q2: Although the company is newly formed, I am sure there has been a lot of work in the background. As is evident from the new models that have appeared upon its grand opening. Tell us what is the focus for FeR Miniatures, and what can we expect from it moving forward?

A2: With FeR miniatures we are taking another step further into the new model of miniatures company we started to outline in the old stage. We have positioned ourselves in a collaboration model in which everyone is responsible for their own lines and gets its own benefit of them, submitting certain aspects of the business to a central management (that is FeR Miniatures) that guarantee the same level of operation of any other miniatures company, both for the collaborator and for the customers.

Also, we would like to extend this spirit of collaboration to the rest of the hobby community. This is a quite small community and should be our duty, both in the benefit of the companies and the hobbyists, to make it bigger. That can only be accomplished if we all collaborate in joint efforts, as the recent promotion of the Treasure Hunt we did, that involved ten different hobby companies. I think that the promo sent a very positive message: cooperation instead of competition.

Fernando showing us where to apply light on a face for when painting busts

Q3: As I mentioned in the opening, we met first during a painting workshop. A great experience to try out new styles and techniques (as well as Spanish ham!). Can we expect to see more classes from you, along with your models in 2015?

A3: Definitely yes! I already have another painting class arranged in Blumberg for 2015, along two or three more events in other places as well, that are still on the planning phase.

Peter Punk Highlander.. check out that plaid there!!!

Q4: We see that a lot of the models are still painted by yourself, but some from others. Will you be looking at getting different painters to work with you? Are there any collaborations that you are wanting to have or are looking forward to?

A4: It is true that I paint and will be painting lots of the releases but there will be also painting by other artists, like Jaume Ortiz or Pepa Saavedra, along other ones that I prefer not to mention now because they will collaborate in new upcoming lines. Also, there will be surprises concerning new talented sculptors that are joining to the team..

Q5: Your first post on FeR's blog is also speaking mostly about the changes that the company will be making ( changes in price, changes in shipping ) and also the changes in packaging in the second post. Are there any other changes that you will be implementing in the future that you learned from the past ( and can share :) )?

A5: Well, this "reboot" has given us the chance to adjust some of our policies and working methods to a better performance. We are not afraid to acknowledge that something can be improved, it is the only way to make it better.
For the next year, the most visible features that the community will see from our company will be:
- A continuous development of the catalogue with LOTS of new releases for the existing lines and also for new lines in preparation.
- A "Contents" section for the website with SBS, tutorials and such.
- A bigger presence on independent retailers, fueled by some important changes on our terms and conditions for shops.
- More hobby development initiatives and cooperation with other companies.

I really like looking at plaid painting.. so much technical and skill applied here!

Q6: Again, from the painting class we saw how much passion you have for history. And getting your pieces to be as historically accurate as possible. How much does that come into the concepts for your work, and how easy/hard is it to achieve in your opinion?

A6: From the point of view of the company, that accuracy is an important fact when it comes to historical figures, as the customers expect the figure details to be right. So it is important to keep that in mind starting from the concept and sculpt phase. From my personal angle, I like to do that kind of research so... 

Fernando brought us Spanish Ham to the painting class. 

Q7: Will there be any other new lines of models to come from in the future? Something in line with other theaters of war or other periods in history perhaps?

A7: Let's say a big YES here.
There will be new lines and new collaborators. In fact we are already working at different stages on three of those new lines.

New piece added to the collection.. Joan of Arc!

Q8: Can we expect to see you and your models at any events in 2015? And if so, which ones?

A8: Another big YES. During 2015, we will be present in a few events both in Spain as in Europe. We will be announcing that as soon as they get nearer.

Fernando chatting with the main organizers at Euro

Q9: Is there anything else about FeR Miniatures that you want to share or that we should know about?

A9: Not much more besides what I already mentioned excepting that all the collaborators and myself are really grateful to the community. They have fully supported us during these difficult months of transition to the new company. THANK YOU.

Mr Lee, Peter, and Fernando in Stuttgart last year! Great times!

Thanks once again for the chance to have this interview and have a look behind the curtains a bit more here as well. I wish you all the best going forward with it, and now must go and start painting up some of the pieces I have collected from both your old, but more importantly, your new company! Great stuff!!!


  1. With a little creative trimming I'm certain Fernando and you could whip up a wig for Peter, he looks a little cold :)
    An excellent interview dude with a really talented guy. Do you have any plans to do more of these this year?

    1. I am sure we can figure something out!
      As for more of these.. I hope to get the chance for it! But it all depends on being in the right time, place and stage to pull it off! Let's see if I can do it or not!

  2. Great interview, thanks for sharing my friend!

  3. Thanks for sharing Kyle! Another workshop in Blumberg was mentioned. Mmmm...the ham, let's see.

    1. Yes.. more to come there! Definitely worth the trip out eh? :D

  4. Great interview Fernando and continued success mate on your new venture.

  5. Thanks for sharing this, it was very interesting. I hadn't been aware of these guys before now.


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