Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Review: Swedish Artbook - Ur Varselklotet

This week's review is a bit different in that it is an artbook instead of a model. But since there was some nice comments about me showing what drives my inspiration on my current project, I though i would show it off a bit more.

Oh and the back of the book with the ISBN number perhaps?

Some of the more astute observers there would notice that the title and back of the book is in Swedish.. and well I can tell/show you that the inside of the book is also in Swedish.

But honestly I did not buy this book for the writing. I bought it for the great photos and inspiration that comes with them. Thankfully Burak had the same idea when he bought one while there, and showed it to me.. it was then a simple thing of doing a mission to find and buy my own!

I mean not all photos are the greatest for miniatures like the one above ( and heck this does not help too much if one is on a diet as well! ).

But seeing the artist's interpretation of what a ( I can only guess ) failed invasion attempt on Earth would look like.

I like the manner in which he shows how us Humans have adapted to the new environment, and have incorporated the technology into our lives.

This top photo reminds me of Industria Mechanika pieces. Especially the flying barge there is comparable to one of his pieces shown here. If not a bit more modern however ;)

Though what really struck me was the resurgence of dinosaurs alongside the technology. As if the Aliens had brought forth long since dead DNA, and just let nature take its course.

This was part of what grabbed me and put me into my main thought of the current diorama project that I am building.

And I do have hopes to do another one at some point that expands on this further. But will see if/when that happens. I think I could really do a nice piece here as the machinery is mostly geometric shapes, and simple enough to replicate.

Unless of course I want to try something a bit more difficult and then there are plenty of images with those within the book.

So there you go. One of the artbooks I have picked up recently that is helping me come up with some new and different ideas for my projects.

Wondering if anyone else out there is doing the same?


  1. Aha, a Swede-wannabe :-)
    I've cast my glances at this book also, and I'll probably buy it sometime - I could even enjoy the text.
    I see you bought it from SF-bokhandeln A good choice as it is probably one of the most well stocked SF/Fantasy-themed bookshops there is. Well worth a visit if you're in Stockholm.

    1. Yes, I guess that was the name of the store that I bought it from. But it was the one in Gothenburg though :)
      Really enjoyed it, and I think an English translated version of it would do well also ;) Just saying :D

  2. This is a great example that inspiration can be found almost everywhere, and is a vital part of our hobby. :)

    1. Yes. Indeed. And it is not always thought of from those that are stuck in one environment ( GW universe anyone? ) :)

  3. Awesome! It's why I stroll the aisles at book stores all the time. Hidden treasure :P Also Deviant Art is great for inspiration mining too if you live somewhere without a lot of bookstores ;)

    1. Agreed that Deviant Art is a great resource, but at times I like to just sit on the couch and thumb through a few books. It helps to drive new ideas and plans at times as well.
      That said, google can also be a good resource if you know how to search there :)

  4. I like the fact that all the environments look like a 30 years old version of Sweden. The police van on the front cover, for instance, looks like police cars did in the early 80s.

    1. It is great.. really.. can't say that I recognize anything ( barely knew what Sweden was 30 odd yrs ago ;) ).. but I do like the style and setting that it portrays. And I only showed a small sampling of the book.. highly recommend it for anyone liking this kind of art or sci-fi!

  5. And I offer you...


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