Friday, January 9, 2015

Portal Paint Off - Round 2!

ARE... YOU... READY!!!!!!

So here we go for Round 2. New theme, rules, and set of hings to accomplish here!

This round the title is "Stranger in a Strange Land". And this round is a Sci-Fi themed round. We have to build a base that fits into a Post Apocalyptic theme. With the technique being weathering. Seems like the perfect recipe considering all the classes I have taken, and especially the class that Roman gave last August on basing for Sci-fi, Post Apoc styled settings :D

Seems simple enough. 

Now some of the things that I lost marks for in the first round were concerning lack of following the Title ( Which was something about power and responsibility or something :) ), and lack of ambition with regards tot he project. 

So this time I want to go a bit .. bigger! So here are some of the first photos of the project build. Warning there are a lot of photos!

Yeah.. going a bit bigger indeed this round! :) 

My thoughts for this is to take from a cartoon called Samurai Jack. Where a Samaurai from the feudal age goes off to fight against a great evil. But before the evil can be vanquished, the deamon sends him into the future where his powers are more powerful and has a better chance of taking him out!

I love this cartoon quite a bit, and it brought forth the idea of a Stranger in a Strange Land. And if I can try this theme with another part of history. 

So for this I looked into a few models and this time I pulled a model from a previous commission. I had an old model from the Ottoman empire. A spearman with some funky clothing. 

So the first parts is of me building a frame for some large buildings. And create a kind of alleyway scenario for the man to show up. 

Oh and the Dinosaur? I had picked up a book while in Sweden that was awesome for inspiration. 

It is all about how this artist makes what seems to be a normal situation, and adds in Aliens, crashed spaceships, power supplies from another race, and dinosaurs :) 

I especially like the photo here above with the dinosaurs looking to be penned up like they have been domesticated. 

Here I begin to add a bit more bricks to the walls, and created a tunnel section. I want to have something standing there originally have some alien/robot hobo sitting in the tunnel looking for a handout. 

And I continued the building of the brick wall, and created some stairs.. Currently they go no where, but let's see what I can do with it in time ;) I also had some stairs at the end of the alley, like you have to climb down them to get to this underhive!

I begin to have some issues with the piece at this point as I feel that the space is too small.. and my ideas are getting far too large for what I want to do here... 

Such as having a sign attached to the side of the building. Something like a shop or motel or girls sign :) To give the stairs some reason. 

I continued the building up of the alley.. and it is all framing at this point. 

And since I was struggling for space, I began to think of alternative set ups thanks to some comments from Mrs Lee. 

I toyed with this idea a bit, and put the project on hold for a few days while some new sockets arrived. Some that had a bigger footprint for me to work with. Something akin to the huge piece of balsa wood that is shown there. 

But when the pieces came I found a good piece that is similar to my original socket but wider and longer. 

So the thought is still back to the original idea of a Time Travelling Ottoman, who is stuck in the future due to some sort of mishap against an ancient foe of the Ottoman Empire. Along with his mighty steed in tow that will be holding his packs. Maybe chatting with a trader, in some back alley dealings? 

And as far as how the alley will look like.. I am thinking of some of these scenes where the alley is crowded with signs and wires and other knick/knacks adorning the walls. 

Let's see how it goes.. as I have plans to work on it some more this weekend. 


  1. It is nice to see the "Walk through" of how you go about creating the setting.

    1. Thanks Clint.. let's see if I can get it finished in time for this little contest then :D

  2. Very good to read and the reader really gets a good impression how you tackle the project with quite some basic concept ideas and play around with them

    1. Thanks Denny ;)
      It is really an experiment for myself as much as anything else. And trying to push myself to new things based on a different idea.
      I have to say that the Portal contest is quite good that way. Making you think up a new scenario to work on. Let's see how it goes!

  3. Oh
    You always try to pump it up a level right? Love the reference to Ghost in the Shell and yes, I think Animes like this give a very nice Sci-Fi feeling and idea how to achieve that.
    Curious how you solve the free floating floors, because I think they look a bit off at the moment.

    1. Go big or go home..
      No idea on where the GitS reference is, but cool idea.
      As for floating floors.. there won't be too many, but there will be some major signs happening here. Let's see how the weekend gets on with it though, shall we? :D

    2. The two anime pictures are form GitS. Nothing (yet) in your construction. And yes, at least I will eagerly await the results of the weekend ;)

    3. Hahahaha.. I just grabbed them from Google cause they looked cool :) Good to know where they come from them. Now to create a ton of signs though.. that should be fun!

    4. Re-watched GitS over the weekend.. so much greatness there.. and a great movie to watch! Thanks for reminding me of it!

    5. Then you have to continue with Part II and Stand Alone Complex ;) But to be honest: Part 2 isn't as good as the original. The animated series is pretty nice though.
      I am curious of the not animated version of the movie. Scarlett Johansson as Matoko... Could be interesting :)

  4. Oh my god. I forgot about samurai jack! Also the piece looks awesome :)

    1. How can you forget about Samurai jack?!?!?!
      Glad you like the piece so far.. let's see what damage I can do to it over the weekend :D

  5. Wow Wow Wow! This is so wonderful. I know I am always full of praise, but seeing this type of project from the very start, along with it's inspiration is fantastic. This is the stuff I love to see and read about. Getting a long into the actual artists head from the very get go! Thanks so much!

    1. Am glad to see that you like this approach. Getting such comments encourages me to do it more often! Though most of this right now is trial and error, but we shall see how it goes soon enough!
      Onwards and upwards here on this build!

  6. Excellent stuff. Gotta link for that book at all ? ISBN ?


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