Friday, January 2, 2015

2015.. Year of the Dwarf!

First off Happy New year here.. hope everyone has survived the festivities and is able to still read blogs :)

As with every new year, people make new year resolutions. Some that they try to keep, some they know they never will, and others just don't give a damn.

Well for me.. I do have one, but one that I have started already prior to 2014 even finishing. And that will be the Dwarf project! 7 Dwarf Busts of varying sizes and sculpting ability, painted up by me over the course of 2015. With the hopes that I get them finished in time for Euro/SMC/Monte!

Now this will be quite an ambitious project for me as I plan to do these pieces up to a showcase+ level for me. Now you might be asking what is Showcase+.. isn't that just a display quality level? Well.. honestly.. yeah it is.. but something that I want to do this year is to push how I paint and the level or quality that I do these pieces to all new levels. So this will mean really working into the finer details on them.

But why Dwarfs? Well.. honestly.. why the hell not? :) With so many great pieces in the community these days it was pretty straight forward in what to pull together for a new kick ass display for 2015.

Volkan Lostblood

Dwarf Slayer - Giorgos Bust

Dragon Slayer

The Grudge

Braided Dwarf

Oin Mordirocca

And finally a non-dwarf model that looks dwarfish.. Celtic Warrior

So I really look forward to seeing how this project unfolds and if I will be able to get it all accomplished or not in the time limits that I have imposed upon myself. Oh and to paint up all my other side projects as well such as the Portal Paint off challenge ( though maybe I will get kicked out sooner than later :P ).

I will require a ton of assistance from the community for this project though. Because I really want to get this accomplished, and also want to be painting at the full of my ability. And will require everyone to point out things that I need to do better or to fix. So that I can enter these into the master categories in the 2015 competition year. That and have one heck of a dwarf bust collection at the end of it all :)

Let's see how this year goes then shall we?


  1. What a wonderful theme, all the best for the year ahead!

    1. Thanks MIchael! Let's see how well I get on with this theme though!

  2. Sounds like a lot of hard work, good luck for 2015!!

    1. It will be a lot of hard work indeed.. but I look forward to it all!
      Best of luck on your projects as well Ray!

  3. All the best! i hope you don;t come up short, or maybe you should. I'm so confused.

    1. Hahaha.. Nice Zab.. will see how it goes indeed. I have big plans and just need to push myself to make them a reality now!

  4. Can't wait to see you paint these guys up! Happy New Year! Such a wonderful blog I always enjoy returning too!

    1. Always glad to have you here mate! Also looking forward to getting them all painted up as well! Let's see how it goes shall we?


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