Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Review: Scottish Clansman Stirling Bridge, 1297

Ok... so yesterday I posted up the interview with Fernando Ruiz about his new company, FeR Miniatures. Thanks to all that commented on it, and to those on Facebook who shared or commented on it further! Great fun that was!

With that in mind, I figured why not do a quick review of one of their latest releases.. the Scottish Clansman! As soon as it was released and funds were available I snapped it up!

As you can see in the top photo, it comes supplied in the typical clam pack that FeR is going to be known for! Safe, secure, and small enough to ensure that the model doesn't go anywhere during transit.

Inside the clam pack, we can see that all the pieces are in a tiny ziplock bag.

And once taken out you can see another bag within a bag. I have to say right now that I am kind of scared of the claymore and the way in which it is cast. I hope not to mess it up while taking those vents off i!

Aside from that point though the piece is near perfect!

I say near cause there is a tiny bit near the side under his arm..

But considering that the piece looks like this from the front and back..

And comes with a cool socket topper ( probably to represent the Stirling Bridge of 1297.

And a close up of the sword hand and pieces...

This is a super cool piece though, and I really am looking forward to painting it up ( while watching Kiyill's video from Painting Buddha so that I know how to do the tartan really well! ).

My only concern is that it is super tiny! I know it is 54mm tall, but damn he is small...

Not much taller than a GW Space Marine champion. But considering the skill of FeR he pulled off quite the paint job on it!

I mean.. WOW... after seeing it for the first time, and then seeing paint job again.. stunned is what I was.. Thankfully FeR have a link to some hi-res versions of the paint job so you can use them ( as I will be ) for knowing how to do the tartan within all those folds on the back!

Heck.. you might just want them for your desktop background ;) Just saying..

Hope you enjoyed this little review.. in the end all I can really say about the piece is if you like scottish models, or want a challenge for what to paint, then perhaps this is the model for you! Now to figure out a nice setting for mine... and more research on my family tartan colors ;)


  1. What an amazing piece, I'm just stunned and how the plain resin suddenly yielded that tartan - wow. Just be careful with the claymore!

    1. I know right? Fernando has some serious skills with the brush!
      And that claymore will cause me problems I know.. but let's see how it goes and how I manage it!

  2. Very great model , i love it !
    Cheers .

    1. Will be cool to paint it up in my family tartan colors also! Will be a special piece if i can manage it properly!

  3. Wow that claymore is giving me twitches and it's not even my model! Best of luck! I'm sure you will do it all proud!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Greg! Am hoping the same!

  4. Replies
    1. It joins the legion of resin that I already have in place so far! :D


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