Thursday, January 8, 2015

Mystery Relic Box giveaway...

So Tor Gaming is giving away 150 GBP worth of goodies over on their website. With many different ways to get some votes for it.

Since I didn't really have anything planned for today, here is a push for this give away then!

Just having a poke around there site has found me a few interesting things..

Such as the rules being found online and downloadable...

And seeing some of the models like the one above makes me really interested in it. I am not sure how many models I need to play, but I think that with such pieces I could paint it up within a fortnight and ready to battle against club mates that are always on the go to start new games!

Or these since I am on a bit of a Scottish kick these days.. and Deamonic Scottish dolls can do in a pinch I believe!

So yeah.. head over to their website and enter into the contest. I don't mind the competition.. really I don't :)

Or.. click to this link here and give me some referrals to the contest also ;) I wouldn't be sad if you did ;)


  1. Replies
    1. I think tiny British Dolls fighting against trolls, and fairies is a pretty cool little idea! Let's see how the game play is when I get a demo in soon ;)


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