Friday, July 26, 2013

Battlefield Gothic?

More content from Austria, this time a "small" battlefield gothic set.

Thought I would share this with everyone as I know my local gaming group has been playing this recently and I have to say that I would get more involved if I had the time. I love spaceship games, and these require a lot more tactics and thinking than the typical board games.

What do you think of this armada though? And more specifically, what do you think of the galaxy that they are in? It is kind of overtaking the photo, but damn well looking all the same!


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

WIP Wednesday

And we are back to the middle of the week.. why is it only the middle of the week? Why can it not be Friday already? ugh.. yeah it has been that kind of week..

So this is what is on the WIP table at the moment..

Kabuki Models Napoleon Sci-Fi commander. I am trying a lot of new things with him.. some are working, some not so much. But he is coming along all the same.

And my socket for Alice is coming along more and more. Now we have some funky mushrooms growing up in spots around it. It is almost ready for primer and paint!

You may notice that there are no TableTop quality models, no commissions in this post.. I am holding off due to my holidays coming up and me going to Germany once more. Where the focus will be to up my painting skills once more. So until that is completed, I am trying to finish some projects that have been stuck in my head for a while before I go back and focus on the UK project. Am hoping I come back from holidays a little bit more motivated, energized and ready to tackle those projects once more! In the meantime I have a few topics I want to finish for some online competitions and for personal goals.. let's see how they turn out!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

MS-06S Zaku II Master Grade kit

Halt! In the name of Zeon... if you do not halt.. well.. um.. erm.. I dunno...

So this is a Gundam kit that I picked up while in Japan a few weeks back. It was actually quite funny that I walked all around Akihabara and didn't see any of these kits for a decent price. But while at the airport walking around I was able to see this one on sale and for a decent price? So I picked it up to work on with my son.

I call it work in progress only because it is still in its original colors from the plastic that it comes in. But I do plan on painting it up. Giving it a bit of weathering, battle damage, and a better color than pink/purple/red. Military green would fit it better I think in the end.

It was quite a pain to build up though. As it has been forever since I have done such an intricate build on a model so having to spend upwards of 4 hrs to piece it together was kind of an experience all its own. Though in the end, I cannot deny that it came together very well!

I really do like that it is almost fully pose able here, and I can really articulate the feet, legs, body, arms, head and even fingers! Something that we dont get a lot of in GW models that is for sure!

But when I get around to painting it, I will glue the parts into place after deciding on a specific pose. I am contemplating a flying shooting pose with the bazooka. Just cause I think the bazooka is the best weapon and fits the antagonist in him the best!

If I were to do a flying pose, then I will need to find a suitable flying stand ( most like a clear rod ) to go with him and it will make the basing aspect easier for me also :) Meaning I wont need to make one :) Will see though.

In the meantime my son and I are having fun making him fight against his other toys. He is already the bad guy without me having to say so to my son. So that is pretty cool, and currently he is taking up residence in my son's hot wheels car garage. Cause well, that is what big robots do! And as you can see from the final photo, this little Zaku was getting shy after so many photos and was not wanting any more!

Let me know what you think for colors on this guy, and I hope to tackle him in the near/middle future when I am confident my skills will do it justice!


Monday, July 22, 2013

Dark Angels Belial Model finished

So after many weeks, and me having very low motivation to finish this guy, I finally set aside time to get him done.

There are parts I am not 100% satisfied with, but at this point I feel that if I spend any more time on him now he will just begin to rot away and become worse. So I will leave him as is, and update him in the future when I fell I have the ability to do so.

In the meantime, enjoy!

Oh and the before people ask.. the reason his socket is so large is quite simple. He is standing on a normal 40mm base that I then surrounded with others. And it is detachable from the socket! So if I ever get in a game in the future, I can remove him from the socket, and still use him for gaming! Win/Win!

Friday, July 19, 2013

WIP Shots.. whats on the desk now..

So it has been a busy week with a couple of things to catch up with since returning from my trip. With that in mind, I wanted to show what was on the table currently.

2 of the pieces are for online competitions with Brushbrothers forums that need to get completed pretty quickly here. 1 is just for fun, and another is to see the comparison for a future workshop I will attend.

So to start here is the base that I will use for my Belial model for the Space Marine Clash of Colors competition on Brushbrothers.

Pretty monotone here, but it gives the vibe of a desert I think? Thoughts on how to improve it?

Next is the socket redo for Alice.. I liked the floating bricks idea, but it just was not working on the older base. So I kicked it up a notch and really went to town with the bricks and sand.

I tried to add some clockwork pieces, and some roots/foliage to it. I will add some grass to it as well, and some mushrooms to go with the Alice theme. She will stand on the bottom level, while the rabbit will be on the top portion. Am hopeful this one will work out for me....

Then I have the work on Belial and Napoleon Sci Fi. More on Napoleon as Belial is suffering from artistic blockage at the moment! But I hope to get him finished very soon! Maybe even this weekend?

I went with pure metal armor for Napoleon here though, and I have no idea what I will do for a socket for him yet. That will come much later I guess.. but it will be a bit more sci-fi/mechanical in nature though I guess. Will see..

And last some more updates on Brekk bust.. seems my bro likes it, and is looking forward to updates. So renewed interest to finish it is available.

I actually think this photo, from my cell phone, is better than the ones I took with my NEX-5R.. but it could be the lighting. It does show off the coloring better and is a bit more realistic here. Still lots to do here though, and I am still not fully happy with the yellow cowl. I am considering to redo it completely in another color that is easier to paint but that would just be giving up. So I will continue to plow through it!

So yeah.. a few projects on the go that is to get my painting mojo back. I still have Project UK to finish up also, but I don't want to touch them if I am not feeling 100% on painting. Don't want to mess up others, but am OK to do it to my own :)

Leave comments below on what you like of the group, or where you think I can go for any of the projects for their next steps. Cheers!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Massive Voodoo Artbook Review

Ok so I received this a while back, and am very very happy with the end result here! As you can see, I picked up the Monkey Circus Trainer perk which gave me 2 of the books and 2 of all the extras also! Why 2? Why not is my reply ;)

So yeah, I have them now. How are they though? I mean this project was one that was estimated to be delivered in November 2012, and I received it in July 2013 instead. A little off I would say. But in all honesty, knowing the guys behind this project now, they learned a lot from this project and I suspect in the future if/when they attempt this again it will be a lot smoother having learned from their mistakes.

The main reason for the delays though? The unexpected and overwhelming support from the community. I mean this project was originally slated to receive only $2,500... but instead it received almost $33,000! So when you consider that they had hoped to only make around 70 books they ended up providing closer to 900 or so.. not to include the new documentary book they created due to the level of support provided! So that takes the total up to around 1800 or so if my math is correct ( not to mention the higher or lower perks.. this was just pure Book reward levels! ). Amazing!

But what about the final result?

After all that hard work, delays, critiques from the backers, and internal stress that they must have felt from this project.. how are the books?!?!?

In a word.. perfect. Hard covered, with magazine paper, and high quality photos throughout. This is definitely a book to have if you are liking miniatures, like to paint miniatures, or want inspiration for working with or designing miniatures. And you can tell just by going through it that they put a lot of heart, soul, blood and tears into this project to make it a reality and to give it the BAM effect that they are all too well known for.

I really like the extras that came with it also. A bunch of stickers ( some of which I got early at my last workshop! ) and a bookmark ( which I found strange but cool at the same time! ).

It is currently sitting on my shelf to keep away from my son's messy little hands, but well within reach for what I need a boost of inspiration or have a few moments to just check out the photos once more.

Cannot say enough how I am really happy how the painting community is beginning to bring the art into this hobby. Having both this and Tuffskull's books on my shelf, I hope to see more artists in the industry produce such works to share with the wider community. Great stuff!

Will do a comparison between the books in the future, but for now if you are without a copy of this, and want to pick it up, you can do so from PK-Pro's website! Not sure on the quantity available so best to grab it while you can! In the meantime, I will go back and have more looks over the books, and see what else I might glean from their pages for future projects!


Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Welcome to Japan! What a trip last week! After doing 3 yrs of Japanese in High School, I have always wanted to go to Japan since! So it was exciting that when my day job said I needed to go there last week for a conference, I was already packed and out the door before they finished their sentence!

So yeah, last week I flew to Japan for work, but was able to have some time to check out the Akihabara Electric town for a few hours. Have to say it was the mecha of anima, manga and gaming. I got a few comments from some of my colleagues in the workshop that they had "outgrown" that part of Japanese Culture, but it had brought back fond memories of their youth. Though I suspect that they were slightly jealous that they couldn't just head down there on the weekend themselves though in reality.

So after a short subway ride down there, which was surprisingly easy to navigate, I came into Electric town to check it all out.

Plenty of gaming stores exist here, and it was quite interesting to see what was available. I just wish that I had more time, or money or both to be here, and could also understand if some of the games would work on my consoles back home. There were quite a few that even in Japanese would be a lot of fun to play and I know that we will never see them in Europe/North America anytime soon.

Only place I really spent any money was at the Anima figurine flea market store thingy.. where people rent boxes, put in their unwanted figurines, and stick a price to them. It was always super busy ( I went back several times before buying something! ) and when I did pick something up it was super easy. Kind of like Ikea where you take a piece of paper, right down the codes, and price, and then pick it up later. Except here a store employee would then walk around with you to pick out the items you wanted.

Later in the evening I headed off to Tamiya HQ and got to see some of the club members there tuning their race cars for the upcoming Tamiya Grand Prix event ( can't remember the date, but these guys were quite serious in their work here! ).

After this is was pretty much all work unfortunately. But an upside was that each night we were treating to a really nice night out for dinner with our Japanese counterparts. Below are some of the foods that we got, and all of it was really really good! Cannot wait for another workshop or something to happen in Japan, and if that doesn't happen soonish, then I might just have to fly out on my own dime cause there is so much that I did not get to see or do while there! Cheers and enjoy!

A nice welcome message from my colleagues while out for dinner on the last night! And that was ice cream, with pineapple, oranges and beans. Great stuff!

Oh and a Turkish kebab place.. which was run by Turks! I think they were surprised when I responded to them in Turkish when they tried to get us to go into their place for some late night doner!
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