Monday, November 26, 2012

Project Daemons of Chaos: Herald of Slannesh

Annnnnnd the weekend is over. I know that on Friday I spoke about heading out to a tournament on Sunday, however due to some personal issues, that didn't happen.

So instead I went through and did a bit of "rage" painting over the weekend. What does that mean? It means that I basically locked myself in the workshop, set up a few movies, and painted until the wife said it was past midnight and time to go to bed. YAY! I don't normally do this, but when I do, I can become very productive, or very creative. Either way, win win for the painting process!

For this weekend's rage infused painted, the first on the block was a Herald of Slannesh converted from the Dark Eldar Sslyth character. Another Failcast model from GW. Though not as bad as some, it was also not the greatest model. A few pock marks in the casting that I couldn't notice until I began to paint it, which means not terrible. Worst offender of it, is that the sword is bent, though since s/he is from Slannesh, I think it is OK.

Now first question to me was how to do him up! I wanted him to fit in with the other Daemonettes, but not blend in like the last Herald did. So I removed the gun pieces, and added claws to him first. Then I began to prime him green. It wasn't a logical choice considering the colors used on the Daemonettes, but it will make him stand out as a character now within a horde of 50 of them!

So with the skin as green, I went to town on the armor again. Once more going to gold, but trying a few new brands of gold. The Vallejo Liquid Gold range. Using the Red Gold, Old Gold, Gold, and Rich Gold for layers and highlights on it. Plus the Ogryn Flesh and Delvan Mud to help shade it as well. I like how it came out, but I think I can still do better. More practice is required here I would be thinking.

To help tie him in though, I made his sash purple and his eyes yellow.

Overall I think he came out good. Though he took me a few more hours than I would like to admit to paint him up, but I think that is going to be the trend for the next little while. More so since my style is changing a bit since that workshop. I am trying more blending, more layering, more of more really..

I also am trying something new with a light box for the photos. Taking the older one that I had with the white paper background, removed the top of it, placing a grey or black shirt, and then taking photos. What do you think? Here are some more photos below showing some of the older Daemons re-shot in the photobox..

I think for the screamers it looks better, but for the Herald of Tzeentch, he looked better before outside the box. Argh.. more tests on this side of the hobby are also required I think.. Another learning curve to say the least here..

More rage painting photos to come.. but in the meantime.. a music video of Flash Gordons theme song.. a movie I watched while painting this weekend! Cheers!


  1. Hola
    MUY BUENASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS todas,un gran grupo del caos
    Atento estoi

    1. Gracias como siempre JD. Muy apreciado.

  2. Dear Mr. Lee,

    I like your models and the green skin of this Snake-Thing is really nice, but the metals parts are not adequate to your paintjob. All the metal seems “flat”. Please, please, please make more shadows. The shadows must not have to be metallic, because metals do not reflect anything in the shadow… You may paint your metal’s shadow with brown inks or even thin layers of normal brown paint or Mixtures between normal paint and metallic…. So the deep parts with the shadow won’t reflect any light anymore and the single metals parts will be better seen.

    Your screamers are really beautiful!

    Greetings, Taggi

    1. Thanks Taggi.. both on the compliment and the comments. I really need to work on it, hence the reason I am bringing it out here so much and working on it more. I need to figure out a way of showing it without the super shine from the lights, cause there are shadows there.. HONEST!!! :) But maybe matte on the shadows more is required. Already been hitting it with matte washes, but not enough I guess.

      Thanks on the screamers. The light box made them look even better and closer to how I envisioned them. Though 12 of them took as long as that one herald to paint.. argh..

    2. Dear Mr. Lee,

      I fully believe you! I know that problem. *smile* I am famous for my damn bad fotos, which are a pain in... *hust*
      Well... to make good fotos I have to go to a friend... *ashamed*

      But if I compare the skin or robe to the metal... well... a little more courage... Perhaps....

      For me it was easier to learn NMM than to paint TM... so.. well... most of mine minis are in NMM... *ashamed again*

    3. Heh Taggi..
      Always a pleasure to see your comments.. more so that it is "easier" to do NMM than TMM for you.. gawd.. to have such talent ;)
      Am working on the photos.. have done some tests last night, so let's see if I can fix these for the future!
      And indeed.. more courage is required.. am building up to it ;) Let's see what December brings :)

    4. Thank you very much for the compliment, but that is no talent, it is obstinacy… I wanted to control, where the gold should reflect the sun… not my lamp… so I learned as long as it took, until I was satisfied… it is only obstinacy… *blushing*

      I look forward to december!!! *smile*

  3. Very nice I really like that sorcerer

    1. Thanks Brummie.. he has his own post a while back. Was just showing the differences between the lightbox and without it.

  4. Jeah Flash Gordon! The soundtrack is really cool :)

    For the photo background: For me it is a bit too twitchy... Perhaps if the pattern flows not vertical but horizontal to the shoot it would work better?
    For the metals: I totally agree with Tagamoga. On the pictures it looks really flat (and I can't believe that you just painted only one layer of it).

    Hows your experience with the liquid gold line? I'm really thinking of buying me the set because I always have troubles with gold tones (be it from GW, Vallejo whatever...).


    1. Saw a reference of him in the movie Ted. So had to watch it, and was quite enjoyable!

      Will try to switch up the threads to be more horizontal vs vertical. Thanks.

      As for the metals, it was multiple layers and many hours to get to this effect. Le Sigh.. So it was not just 1 layer unfortunately.

      As for the Liquid gold, I like them. A lot more easier to use, and less clumpy than the normal golds from whomever. Has layering potential, but need to figure out where and how. I will master this TMM styling.. or maim someone while trying!!!

    2. Yeah metal painting sucks... I also have problems with it. If you have mastered TMM and are still sane please tell me :-)
      I once tried NMM and nearly threw the miniature away afterwards...

    3. Paradox0n.. am with you on the TMM.. sanity is slowly slipping away.. but before it goes, I will continue to give it a shot!
      As for NMM.. tried it a few times.. and I think I can only think of 1 instance on 1 model that it looked nice.. but the rest on the model, and on the others were not so great. But again, will give it another shot soon enough! I must be crazy!

  5. More top quality work Mr Lee, I just love the way your screamers turn out!

    1. Thanks Michael.. have to say that they are probably the best unit I have painted in a long time. Just the way that the colors and the style worked so well together.. now to replicate that for everything else I work on!


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