Friday, November 30, 2012

Kingdom of Death: WIP Forsaker

Again, I seem to be able to state what I will work on, and then keep my word! Who knew?

So below is a model from the Kingdom of Death model range. It is one of their more sane models as they have some really out there items going at the moment. Though they also have a lot of really nice Pin-Up models that I hope to get a hold of in the future. Really nice models to paint up.

There is also a Kickstarter for their up-coming board game, Monster, that is going on. Have pledged to it already, but I think I will have to bump up the pledge due to some of the newer rewards that have been raised.

So that being said, what am I working on? Well this was a model I picked up from one of Maelstrom's many "Going out of Business" promotions. The KoD Forsaker! I got it super cheap ( like 40-50% off? ) with free shipping, so it was a chance to get into a new model range with minimal risk. And I really like what I have jumped into.

You can see the company art on the left there that shows the model to be very dark. With a few light sources on it like the glowing embers on the sword, and the yellow face. I am going to attempt to replicate this look on the model itself. Something that I have never really done before, which is the object sourced lighting ( OSL ). So to have the embers glow, and the light from the reflect off the model itself. Plus the mask to glow a bit also. But to make the model itself look like it is in pitch darkness. Not sure if it will work too well, but let's see what we can do here eh?

First up are some shots of the model re-primed after my initial failed attempt. It is to help me gauge where the light would hit. So I primed it black, and did a couple quick hits with lighter grey from where I expect light to reflect from.

I had to edit the photos to make it so dark in the background and bring focus to the areas I want to make as light sources.

Using a lot of blue/black/grey on the model to give the appearance of shadows before adding the color for the light sources which will then be faded on top of the other shadow colors. Since the face will be more of a pale yellow, and the sword being more like burning fire, this is going to be tricky.

Below you can see my first initial steps of making this happen here..

I started in on the Skull on the Sword, and tried to make it the source of the heat and light on this side of the model. This is something that I have seen done well before, but never tried it myself. So figured now would be as good a time as any to try it out :)

Some shots of the look of this model so far..

First thing that I need to do though is make the skull even hotter! It is still too "cold" I think, so need to expand the orange/yellow sections, and begin to take it up to white still. More work to be done on this potentially over the weekend, so maybe some more WIP shots of it coming soon.

And yes, I am taking and making the photos as dark as possible to show the effect better. Though no other editing is done on the photo.. am just not that good at it :)


  1. I have no doubt that will be fantastic when you get more done. Great sculpt just a shame I have no use for one! Excellent start, I look forward to the next installment.

    1. I said the same about the sculpt, but bought it anyway! Figured worst case it would be a good test figure to try out some new OSL styling. Then they go and start a kickstarter! So am a bit more motivated to paint it up now!

  2. Wow really something different than your usual GW gaming stuff. I will follow this closely :)

    1. Thanks Corvus.. that workshop gave me a real kick in the you-know-where to try out some new things. Expect to see more of this in December, and other projects for the Massive Voodoo contests as well! Thanks!

  3. I really like how your light-sourcing is developing (especially the illumination on the rest of the figure). Well done!

  4. I think it looks great, again not a figure I have use for but still it looks great


  5. The lighting effect on this guy is really interesting - am intrigued to see how the rest of the figure goes. Seeing as you've not painted OSL before, its looking pretty convincing so far!

  6. Hola Amigo
    Buena figura,esta marca tiene buenas cosas,yo pinte una preacher para un amigo,y son figuras muy finas.
    Lo de la imprimacion en negro y el efecto muy guapo,estare atento.
    UN SALUDO se me a padado lo de las fotos de la vegetacion,pero es que donde esta es fuera de casa y la pata me esta jodiendo un poco....

  7. They make the most creative sculpts and with this Kickstarter I can get 3 figures for 45.00 USD. Normally one figure costs that much.

    I very much look forward to seeing how your figure comes out.


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