Thursday, November 15, 2012

Massive Voodoo Art Book and Painting Contest

So those crazy, monkey obsessed, German artists over at Massive Voodoo are getting to the end of their Indiegogo campaign.. With less than a week left they have already blown past their initial goal of $2500, sailed through many of the reach goals, and are heading for the final stretch where many a crowd sourced project has picked up steam. Currently as of this morning when I checked it was sitting at over $22000! Great progress so far! Almost 10 times what they originally wanted to achieve with it.

Why am I writing about it then? Well first I heard nothing but great things about Roman and Raffaele while at Stephan's painting workshop back in October. Everyone went on about how I should head to one of their workshops if I ever get the chance, so believe me when I say that is high on my list of things to do now. So while there we also talked in depth about this book, what it might contain, and how even though it is just pictures it can be incredibly inspirational. Oh and the extras on how to do some items in more depth never hurts either.

With all this information, it was pretty much a no-brainer that I would be picking up one of the books for myself. But I also picked up a second one. Not sure what to do with it yet, but maybe, just maybe it might be given away in the future.. maybe..

Some of the shots on their site are already making me look forward to obtaining this such as the 2 promo shots of posted on the site here:

Just amazing works. Also would be nice to receive it in late November or early December as the duo also have up their first ever painting contest called Bananalicous! Seeing the list of people already signing up, I am not sure if I will have a good chance to win any of the medals, however that won't keep me from trying. More so since I have some models in play at the moment that could potentially go into some of their categories. Just have to see how far I push myself to make it happen.

More hopeful for me is to win one of the random pulls or side prizes to be honest as the list of supporters for the contest is ever growing!

And with all the above, if it is not evident already, then maybe I need to make it clearer.. you should support this campaign. Help give these 2 freelancers, who have been travelling all across central Europe dispensing out their artistic wisdom to many a hopeful painter, much needed recognition for all the hard work they have done in the last little while. Best option is $35 which gets you the book, FREE SHIPPING, and all the bonus rewards going with the initial book as the amount grows.

Here is the link once more, and hope you all feel the need to support them as I and many others have.

Also, as Roman keeps stating on his blog.. Keep on Happy Painting!

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  1. Still not decided. But as im big fan of massive voodoo im seriously considering Jungle cave visit;-)


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