Thursday, November 29, 2012

Project Space Wolves: Wolfen

As stated on Wednesday, I am working on more Space Wolf units.. this time the 3 Unit Champions Wolfen. I only know they are champions cause well I was told they were, and painted their shoulder pads accordingly.

It was nice to do a bit different skin tone. I haven't used this recipe since I painted up my Ogres many many years ago. And I think I have improved upon it since then also.

Color scheme is pretty basic, with a bit more details and layers done since they are meant to be TT+. So better than their line troopers.

Tried to do more light from above look on them. Hence the top parts are more light grey than the bottom sections. Hopefully it came across as such.

Not much else to say.. but expect a WIP shot of another project in motion tomorrow.. something that I am trying for an online painting competition. That and trying to push my painting skills a bit further. So far I am failing hard on it, but every mistake is just an opportunity to learn something new!

More photos below..


  1. I love the idea of a wolfman using a bolt pistol – how ridiculously GW.

    Great looking paint job on them. I really like the contrasting skin tone against the grey armour.

    1. Thanks DT.. Indeed.. look I am a Wolfman, with massive claws.. but I will shoot you.. mmm nice work indeed GW..

  2. Strange figures indeed, but very nice looking!!

  3. One of the better chapters, lovely work!

  4. Very nice I really like these figures shame they are oop.

  5. nice colors, the old dusty look of the yellowing icons, pelts & teeth give it a nice atmosphere

  6. Great wulfens! And great job on shading grey!

  7. Aaah! some inspiration for the TT stuff I am trying :)


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