Wednesday, June 18, 2014

WIP Goblin Bust..

A bit more work was done on the Goblin Bust last week.. Still very very veryyyyyy work in progress here...

But I have started in on the face at the moment. There are a few shots of splatter from the airbrush kicking around on the shoulders and face there, but it is giving it a bit of character. Will fix it more once I have more progress on the armor bits.

Face shaded in with purple and red, and highlighted with yellow a bit. Still a lot of give and take to go with it. I also oversprayed the eyebrows etc with some of the chestnut/brown inks from Scale75... and then continued with it cause the color variation was interesting to me.. Giving it a different style to it.. I continued it a bit with the lips as well.

The nose is taking center stage here though, and rightly so! It is massive! So I am really working the purples and reds into it, and will see how that goes as I attempt to put more contrast to it.

As for the rest of the skin, there is a ton of work to go on it. Need to do the volumes still, and then begin to work into the creases a bit further.

Thankfully I am having fun with the model, but working on it as/when I can in between other topics and projects.

You can see a bit better on some of the work before I tackled the eyes and some of the lip sections above. And taken with my actual SLR camera instead of the cell phone like the top photo.

The biggest thing that I am liking is the armor at the moment. I have sprayed it with a variety of browns and yellows to begin with, but have airbrush the chestnut/brown mix to it to give it a more smooth look and also orange it up slightly. I will also spray it slightly ( and all over actually ) with some yellow at another point. Just to give it a bit more color variations to it.

Most of the rims, and larger sections will be painted darker though. To cut up the sections a bit more. The filigree is still concerning me on how I will paint it, but I will wait to see how the rims change the look of the armor and go from there. I might make them also a bit darker, and weave some metallics into it as well. Or maybe some other colors to give it some variation also.

Lots to do on this guy, and lots to do on other projects.. so let's see how it goes! Though one thing is for sure.. I will take him to Germany with me this weekend and see what Fernando Ruiz says about the sculpt, and the painting direction on him already.

In the meantime.. enjoy the middle of the week!


  1. Looking good Mr Lee, love the change of colour into the nose.

    1. Thanks Michael. am hoping to do some more color shifts on him as I go on.. but will see how that holds up :D

  2. I like the way this is going. In the first picture I thought it was maybe too light but seems better colour balance by the last photo. Overall I am very impressed.

    1. Thanks Clint.. the first photo is also from my cell phone instead of proper camera. So the colors are a bit off.. but there will be a lot of back and forth with the colors on the face going on soon. Plenty of purples, blues, reds, oranges, yellows, greens, and all the colors in between! Wild ride ahead!

  3. Great look , i look forward the progression my friend .
    Cheers .

    1. Thanks LOL. Hope to get some tips on how to progress on it this weekend while in Germany, and to continue to work on it this month.


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