Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Caesar... Planet of the Apes!

So while in Germany last week ( which was awesome! More to come soon! ), I received a nice little gift from my good friend from Greece, Giorgios! In this package was his "tiny" bust of an ape!

I fell in love with this piece as soon as I saw it on his Facebook page, and more so after watching the latest trailers for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.. and I can really see him looking like Caesar from that movie!

Here is the unboxing of the package...

Quite nice of Giorgios to include a  metal rod for the stand of it as well. Though it was a bit too tough to cut for me with my basic materials. Expect a shorter, easier to use version if you order this piece in the future :)

I wasted no time though putting it to a socket that I obtained from Sockelmacher owner and buddy of mine, Steffen.

Using a few things that I remembered from the BAM workshops about how to center the pin hole for it.

I used some putty near it as I didn't have any decent sized pins available.. and I am thinking of making a bit of a city jungle theme on the top of the socket below him. Not normal for busts, but I think it will add something to it.

Expect to see paint on him soon! And I suspect I will take him with me when the movie comes out.. I mean he should see himself on camera right? :)

Hope you like this bust, and if you want to grab one of your own.. as always.. go and give Giorgios a message on Facebook here for details on how to obtain your own!


  1. Great look ! Watt is the scale ?
    Cheers .

    1. It is roughly 8cms tall... quite small in comparison to some of the other pieces that I have been working on in the past ;)

  2. I'm going to really enjoy this one.

    1. Thanks Michael... this one will be quite a lot of fun to paint.. already is proving itself!


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