Monday, June 16, 2014

Valhalla... or at least a local show calling themselves that..

Was quite surprised to see in my Facebook feed a note concerning a convention on Father's Day that was so close to home! Just a quick drive down the motorway, and 20 minutes later I am pulling up to part of the villages Community center where the convention was being held. Which is fortunate, cause I really had no idea so to stumble upon it was great fortune!

So with my camera hanging from my shoulder, and my wallet feeling a bit heavy, I entered this little convention to see what's what! I already saw the trader list, but was pleasantly surprised to see a few others pop in. Some I have met at other conventions ( like Overlord, Smogcon to say a few ). So a quick catch up was in order before diving into the real trade/barter areas.

The guys from Warzone resurrection showed up again, and now with more models and more proper boxing! Kinda gutted that I didn't wait to get them, but then again I got a few more freebies because of it so..

But they were showing off a few of their newer pieces.. and I have to say that they are quite large!

Wish they had a few more models nearby for size comparisons though. But the last one in particular.. I still have the original version of it from when I first got into Warzone some mmmm.. 20 yrs ago? This one looks a lot more stable ( lighter since it is also in resin ) and bigger as well! But not as retro looking or as cool looking in my opinion!

They also had a few of their Alien vs Predator models on display..

Those are looking wicked.. and I can't wait for the general release of them!

There was quite a large bring and buy section which I was surprised at. Though I was also shocked at what people believe their pieces are worth! Between this and the one vendor selling assembled, and poorly painted or primed pieces downstairs.. it makes me think my armies are worth a large fortune instead of a small one.. But then again the more expensive pieces up for sale all were GW labeled.. so.. go figure..

If I ever wanted to get into 6mm or smaller scale wars though.. there was a bargain to be had here or there.

In the other trade hall there were a selection of both gaming companies ( Saga/Viking ) and just vendors.. with one having quite a selection of resin like scenery pieces. Too bad most were for 6mm/20mm scales. Too small for the most part, but I did grab a few larger column pieces and got a 30p discount! Mostly cause that was all the change I had on me at the moment and he reluctantly said yes quite quickly!

And knowing that there is a 7TV campaign coming up to my local club soon, I had a closer look at the crooked dice/ainsty stand near the entrance. Though the pieces I wanted were not really in stock, so I opted for their bargain bin pieces and picked up a cast of random political guys and supporters. Not sure how well they will fair, but I think they will paint up quickly and easily enough.

Good 'ol Bill there with his lady, and secret servicemen. I think these will be fun, if not quick, to paint up here!

And when the political forces and baby kissing is not working, well his loyal "supporters" will always help out to garner more votes. But with 14 models, I think I will have plenty to choose from here to create a good cast... and who says the elections are not entertaining!

Quick shot of the loot haul from the show. Missing is one more piece but it is for a surprise project in the future ( probably far future? ) that will get done.. but you can see the cast, the pillars. But you can also see 50 25mm round bases, and some retro display monitors.. with all the robot works in play these days, I figured that these might find their place soon enough.

Also the main reason I headed to the show was to pick up a new case for the Imperial Japanese Army forces. With my GW ones just not having the space or size needed to hold everything. Chatting with the KR Multicase vendor, he suggested the cardboard box with the 25mm slots. 50 per tray, and 4 trays for the case.

Now I took him at his word, but I did have a nagging feeling that the slots would not be large enough for my 25x50mm pill shaped bases that I put the weapon teams on. However this was averted sure enough as I found that they could be put in diagonally to fit for some of the laying down guns ( LMGs especially ). And so crisis averted here!

Heck, my current forces can fit within 2 trays, including the pinned markers, and dice! Just need to figure out how to transport the vehicles now, but considering I only have 1, that should not be a problem.

There were a few games being played, and most of them demos. Which was a nice touch. Though I can't say that I was overly interested in any of them at the moment. And to be fair, this was a pretty small venue for what seemed like a popular convention/event! So it got quite busy, and full faster than I like to be in, and thus left sooner than anticipated.

Not a bad con.. could have stayed to do more had it not been Father's Day. Got some cool loot, and will see what they get worked on now. And for the remainder of the day we spent it watching How to Train your Dragon 2 with the family, and some Minecraft in the afternoon to relax with. Overall great day.. especially before going back to the office Monday morning!

Enjoy the week folks as this will be a short week for me. Am off to Germany once more coming this Thursday.. so expect a lull in posts around then, but some interesting articles starting next week ( and Facebook updates throughout the weekend!).


  1. Sometimes a small local show is better than one of the big shows. It looks like a good mix of traders and some I would have made purchases from. Nice one mate.

    1. Agree with you there Clint! Fully. Just wish they had more space so that it didn't feel like a sardine can!

  2. What a result! Fabulous to find this on your doorstep and like you I can't wait for the general release of the AVP game - more expense!

    1. Indeed. Was a nice little thing to have dropped in my lap so to speak. Need to keep the eyes out for more of them as the summer/fall comes together. Now to wait for AVP to come together a bit more.. I can foresee a few Aliens bursting forth from my wallet when they do get released!


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