Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Journey to Scotland! First stop.. Glasgow!

Yes.. so last week my old man visited me here in Jolly old England.. and what was the first thing he wanted to do? Head to Scotland of course! What else!

So the whole family piled into the car and we drove the 400 miles from South England to the Highlands! Google maps says it should be only 6 hrs.. but somehow 10 passed before we got there! Ye Gawds! Was extremely tired but happy to be up where my ancestors come from ( Yes.. my family tree stretches back to the highlands it seems.. who knew? ).

We saw a few things along the way though so the drive was not terrible overall.. and at least it was not pouring out with rain for the entire trip ( though sprinkles did appear from time to time ).

Though once up in Glasgow we were able to finally relax a bit, and then grab a bite to eat..

Heading down to the style mile where all things glittery can be bought and all things rock can be waited for.. too bad the line up for the Hard Rock Cafe was too long and we had to settle for something else..

After a quick sleep though we were back in full on tourist mode in the city of Glasgow! Catching the hop on, hope off bus, and taking in the sights!

First being the cemetery where we looked for long lost ancestors...

Junior here was checking to see if anyone was home.. but somehow in this photo he looks like he was beginning to get possessed from the fumes coming from under that door there!

We also had the opportunity to go to a Museum showing off old cars, bikes, boats, etc... quite interesting to see how that all played out and what was on show there.

And even went onto the tall ship for a meal on the sea... not the best, but junior was constantly hungry and this was a cheap alternative.. sort of..

All this before doing another round on the bus.. heading off to the Glasgow Botanic Garden..

Highlight of that trip of course being the dinosaurs that we found inside the green houses!

Seemed these 2 followed us quite a bit throughout the visit here..

But after this was all done.. we settled down for a nice dinner out at an Italian restaurant giving us some chance to relax before the mildly long walk back to the hotel...

Will post more about the Castles we visited, and the adventures in Edinburgh! Enjoy!


  1. Ahh, very cool photos. Love the dinosaurs :)

  2. Looks like a great start to the adventure, but did the dinosaurs have Scottish accents?

    1. Aye laddie, that they did.. Junior kept trying to talk like the locals.. was quite funny!

  3. An excellent report!
    Seems like you had a great time in Glasgow. Enjoy the rest of your journey.


    1. Trip was great! Now some downtime is required.. but more to post about the Castles now!

  4. Since visiting Scotland may be something I never get to do ... I guess the next best thing is to live it through your photos. ^_^ More photos coming soon?

  5. Dinosaurs improve everything ! If you ever get more time, search online for public records office first, it drastically improves chances of finding ancestral burial plots. And my recommendation for Glasgow would be to visit the Burrell Collection. It's brilliant and there's only ever a small portion of it on display at any one time.


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