Monday, June 9, 2014

Goblin Bust!

Angry Goblin Bust from Greece!

So the second piece from Giorgos, Greece arrived just before my holidays and family arrived. Was heart broken by that as it meant that I couldn't really tackle it until now! Heartbroken cause it is quite an involved piece here as you can see above!

But I did have some time this weekend in between fixing up my Forged Hope base ( will show some of it tomorrow! ) and getting my Imperial Japanese forces ready for tomorrow's campaign game! BAMBOO WARRIORS... BANZAI!!!!

Anyways.. so with the airbrush already in operation, I threw a quick sketch on the Goblin bust.

Quick shots of it below of what it was like pre-coloring..

Slightly blurry.. but thats goblins for you.. always moving when you don't want them to.

There were a few mold lines on the bust that needed sorting out. And a few sections where I think the mold got stuck and tore into the model as well. So had to dig out the pink parts while cutting back the lines. But honestly nothing major. Especially considering how much detail Giorgos has gone to with regards to the armor sections here. This is one heck of a high status Goblin.

My original plan was to layer him in some metal armor pieces, but that was before I really say the piece. And I can say that this bad boy is definitely a silent killer. So leather armor all the way, with only a few metal embellishments here and there.

My sketch started with the Scale75 colors, leather set ( really liking this color range! ) and going from dark to light on it. At the highest point I used yellow! Though I think a few more hits of it are required still to make it pop before I dive into the washes and inks that will come forth on this piece.

For the Skin I wanted something a bit different than my normal goblin skin tones. So I started with a desaturated dark green, and darkened it up even further with purple. This gave me a really interesting tone for the shadows and base here that I really like. I then went into the lights with a bright green, and added some yellow into it at points also. I need to push that a bit further I think, or vary it some in certain spots.

Not quite sure what direction this will go still.. but that is the fun of such pieces. It has a story within it.. and now I am waiting for it to come out and speak to me.

Currently it resides on my painting desk staring at me.. slowly spilling its secrets.. and once I understand the full story he will get hit with the brush once more!

If you like the piece.. go over to Facebook and message Giorgos for a copy! They are still for sale ( and will be for a long time I hope! ).

Oh and check out the ultra cool banner he has on his page.. showing off his works but with my paint job on it! Super ultra cool!!! Expect another such banner once this Goblin is finished!


  1. Really nice this bust .
    Greetings .

    1. It has a lot of nice textures on it.. really can't wait to get more into it!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Michael! Hope the middle and finish keep this pace and quality ;)

  3. Very nice looking bust and some good progress has been made.

  4. I love the bust, he's so creepy and awful in all the right ways. I'm sure it will look great when you get him all painted up.

    1. Thanks for that Chris. Am hopeful that it does go that route.. and yes I agree he has a lot of character to him. More and more as I look at it..


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