Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Lizardmen project continues...

So the Lizardmen project continues! You might remember part 1 of the project where we pick up the boxset from the local GW store, and get cracking on putting them together and primed! If not.. go back to the article here, check it out, give it a read... we can wait.. go on..

Read it.. see the beauty of the start here? Great!

Now.. onto some painting then shall we?

Junior had a desire to put some paint to the dinos, and has been hounding me to do so for quite a while! So I have put aside some of my other projects, and pulled out all that was required to get this going! And I have to say, based on the results above, he is doing a cracking good job so far! He painted 4 out of 5 of those Skinks.. if you can believe it!

Here you can see him with his trusty GW Fine Detail brush, his wet palette ( train him proper from the get go! ) and his line of models to get painted up!

And focused! Damn was he focused on this..

And SPEED! Takes after his old man he does.. though I seem to be getting a lot slower these days as he was really cracking on with his 4 while I painted my single guy! ( though I did paint the eyes on mine.. that counts right? )

Showing off his first guy that he finished and how he did with it.

Honestly, we started with a single model each here. Just to see how it would go. And this was after I spent the morning priming them with the airbrush to get the blue tones laid down. In Hindsight, I would not have done as rocky of a base for a starting army ( or any army ) but this is his army and it was his choices of basing.

So aside from the painting of the blue though, the rest of the colors and theme was picked out by himself. Purple scales on the back, black for the weapons, and "brown gold" as he calls it to make the metal sections. Oh and the mars red moon bases which will look interesting when we do the foliage I guess.

But after getting the models prepped and ready, he sat down well enough. Took to how to handle the brush quickly. Getting to understand to dab near the edge of a paint puddle on a wet palette, wipe off a bit on the paper towel, and then apply it to the model. He is still working on his perfect coverage, but damn if he cannot get the paint on the models quickly and correctly with minimal mistakes ( for a 5 yr old! ).

Heck once the first guy was finished the other 3 were super easy for him! He lined them up, started with a single color, did it for each model, before moving onto the next color! Proper chinese line painting if ever there was one! I foresee a lot of armies coming from him if he can continue this painting process!

Only issue was his endurance to keep it up. After 30 minutes he was a bit bored, and wanted to try something new ( PS3 ) and wandered off. But a good start non-the-less here. And only minimal corrections from myself in the end. Now I just need to get cracking on the rest of them as this has been sidelined far too long and we need to get them finished in time for the campaigns coming up soon! Let's see if we can pull it off or not!


  1. Great start, it will be keeping him interested that will be the big battle - best of luck!

    1. Yes, the uphill battle and fight against the dreaded electronics is also going to be interesting! Cheers

  2. Yes a great start. And although you only got one painted compared to his 4 I suspect you spent a lot of time instructing and advising. His work already looks better than one or two of my club members.

    1. Yeah, there was a bit of coaching going on there, and getting him to go back and try again on some parts. Though he was keen to get as many finished as possible so that was cute.
      And nice comment about his quality in relation to club members ;) Will make him smile with that there ;)

  3. Great start ! A new artist on the family mr Lee ;) .
    Cheers .

    1. Indeed LOL.. let's see how he gets on with it!

  4. great ones.. they definetly look better than my first ones, even better than some of my newer stuff! Go on and happy painting...

    1. Ha! Michael, that is kind to say! Though his is also looking much better than my first models painted... but then I put that down to talent + better tools for him to start with!


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