Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Imperials Japanese Army reinforcements!

The imperial war machine continues to spit out new troops.. and at an incredible pace!

I have to say that these guys are a real joy to paint up. Both because they are easy, and cause they look good even with a mismatch of uniforms ( which is a bit historically accurate also!).

In the 3 weeks since my last post on them.. where the army looked more like this..

We have gotten a lot done! Even with the trips to the great rainy north known as Scotland!

Additions from the below shot to the new top shot are...

  • Heavy mortar team
  • Medium machinegun
  • the last 10 men for the militia squad making it 15 strong
  • both Light machineguns for the infantry units
  • 5 more grenadiers with 2 more light mortars within them
  • 11 bamboo warriors
  • anti-tank riflemen ( sans spotter )
  • Sniper team ( not shown )
Quite the amount of men to get painted up in a short period of time, but the joy of it is that they can be done like such. And I am not fighting with myself to ensure that the uniform colors are all the same here. Cause again, historically they were made from all over, and in varying levels of quality. 

Plus with the Militia unit and the Bamboo warriors.. they were just townsfolk stuck with some improvised weapons, and told to defend the islands! So the colors for them are really all over the place, but I am adding a bit of green to their uniforms ( Pants for Militia, Jackets for Bamboo ) to show their green status!

What is also cool with this force though is that the play style is very unique in Bolt Action in that I tend to do a lot of charging! Which is kind of unheard of, normally cause there are smaller units on the tables ( veterans or commando units ) who can deal out a lot of shooting death. Well.. my dice rolling for shooting, and the scenarios that I have been in for me to shoot have not been to my advantage. But with the special rules for the Japanese of death before dishonor.. or BANZAI!!! I have really turned the tables on a few of the games that have been played!

Next up to get painted though are the rest of the AT Rifle Team, a Flamethrower team, a spotter for the Heavy Mortar, another bamboo warrior ( to bring it to 12 ), and some more Anti-tank Suicide guys.. for if I ever get to a point where I have 2 platoons, and have 42 points to spare. 

I have another 22 riflemen/infantry and 2 more light mortars built up. But not sure when they will get painted up. Will see depending on what I take for 1000/1200 point games. Really curious on what else there is to add to this army from a infantry standpoint.. aside from maybe another starter box to give me another MMG/HM/HQ units, another Chi-ha tank ( which is crap ), and more men to make more of all types of units. Let's see how much gaming I do past the campaign and go from there!

Enjoy a couple close up of some units here.. 


  1. Nice, post up how you made the bamboo and painted it!

  2. Nice additions. I've seen a few Japanese armies pop up on the interwebs lately and they all look marvellous.

  3. These look wonderful, certainly might be tempted at some point.

  4. Excellent work, most impressive details!


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