Thursday, January 16, 2014

Posting and commenting..

This is pretty much how I feel at the moment. With the move to the UK, and onto a new work network, it seems my ability to access Blogger is varied at best. Mostly due to time restraints and getting used to a new environment.

OK.. this is normal granted. However there is another problem on the network.. they have blocked access to comment on blogs! Particularly the ones on Google Blogger.

Which mean, that although I "sometimes" have time to read and check out other blogs, I can't comment on them! ARGH!!!!

And with home life changes as well, time to post and view blogs at home are limited. Need to figure out a solution this and pronto!

So just want to give a shout out to all the bloggers who are following me, and let them know that I am reading a ton of their article. And am loving some of the things coming out as well.. but just not able to comment at the moment. Expect some mass spam over the weekends in the near and forgoing future though :) Promise!

Ok... rant over.. back to life.. which is also sucking up time to paint or do hobby items :(


  1. Replies
    1. Am working on it.. as it stands, now that I have posted this article, I can access comments at work... very strange.. wondering how long it will last now :)

  2. No idea what to suggest blog comment via phone perhaps?

    1. Thought about that, but I dont really surf much via my phone due to no Wifi connection at work for it. Just 3G.. and that would get very expensive very quickly here. But will see what can happen..

  3. *in a really small voice, seein' as you had such trouble getting connected at all...*

    Change provider ?

    1. Am already thinking about that for home.. but this is for when at work more than anything. Which was when I did the majority of my commenting and blogging :) Will see what the future brings!

  4. That's weird about the commenting??? No idea how to rectify it though???


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