Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Package from Germany.. again!

Another package from Germany arrived recently as well.. this time from around the Hamburg region.

As you can tell from the snow effect, the artist has spent a bit of time in it while painting this as it came out quite nicely!

What is cool, is that it came from Arne. A painter whom I have had the opportunity to chat with in great lengths about the painting scene and how to progress myself in painting. So to have one of his pieces, especially Druss the Legend is quite something indeed.

It is another piece that is going to allow me to look at how someone did something, and look to recreate it. Here I have a nice opportunity to see NMM Steel, as well as some ice/snow effects to replicate.

And here we are from the BAM workshops in Hamburg trying to look all cool and such.

But yeah, so when Arne put up Druss for sale here, it was another no brainer for me to pick it up. Half for the quality of it, the other half for the respect of the artist selling it. And the other half cause he is a cool guy, and my math is horrible :)

Now if only he could free up some more time to paint some more, or at least update his new blog things would be awesome. But for now.. I will just be content of having another piece of his in my collection ( as he had given me a model of a truck with massive weathering at the BAM workshop. A different piece to study and work from for mud/weathering/dust effects ).

Ok.. and hopefully I can now focus and put into words the workshop from last weekend in Berlin! Enjoy!


  1. Hola
    MAGNIFICA pieza,si señor,que todos los días te manden un paquete como este jajaja
    No pude hacerme con esta pieza,me dio pena
    un saludo

  2. Nice! I agree there is nothing like holding the piece in your hands to see what is going on. I snapped up Roman's Necron with a story over the holidays. I loved both the hobby story and the fluff behind the creative use of an incomplete mini. It is also nice to see his work in person and see that hey, he jumped from this color to that one and thus created that effect.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! I really feel honored by reading such a cool compliment about one if my works.

  4. Great looking piece. Just catching up on your blog. I can sympathize with not having enough time to work, blog and paint. Best of luck to get things sorted.


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