Monday, January 20, 2014

More Goblins from Goblin Town...

Finally got around to painting up the last batch of 12 Goblins from the Hobbit boxset. Again taking another scheme on them to see how it would work out here.

Personally I like it.. and the difference gives me something to play on more in the future.

As a group though, the still fit nicely together. Don't you think?

A nice chittering horde of Goblins rushing at you.. regardless of blade, club or mallet in hand.

So this puts the horde down.. up on the table for Hobbit is the Captain, the named guy ( too lazy to look it up ), the Scribe, the King, and some parts of his chair..

I should probably just finish off the rest of the platforms but am also too lazy for that..

No idea when I will tackle the dwarves themselves though. I think I might be painting them one by one actually. So that should be interesting.. but hopefully not too time consuming as I have another project that I really want to sink into. Not to mention that I should be doing some comms works here also.. Will begin to assemble them soon enough!

Cheers and hope your Monday is not too soul destroying for you!

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