Friday, January 31, 2014

Joining the 5-th-dimension painting group!

This is with great pleasure that I get to announce that I have been asked, and accepted to join, the 5-th-dimension crew! They even did a small interview with me to see what kind of painter or person I am!

So what does this mean for this old blog here? Will I give it up? Will I let it fall into the darkness to wallow in its misery of disuse?

Nooooo.. never...

But it does mean that I will now have another location to show off some of my pieces. I will be looking to change my style a bit for their blog in that I will focus more on my showcase painting pieces. Whereas here I will still be showing off my daily work and other pieces here.

Exciting times ahead though, and I can see myself pushing my limits and style a bit more in time now with more external motivation!

So let's see how it goes, and what the future brings!


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