Thursday, January 9, 2014

Scibor Zombie Bust + New Years Resolution

So I have posted this already up on my Facebook wall. Mostly cause it was a quick shot to get some feedback from the Painters group that I participate in on Facebook. Mostly members of Brushbrothers forums btw.. in case you haven't checked out that forum in a while.

This is a piece to just get me back into painting, and to painting larger areas once more. Also to see after painting the UDock Wild Hunter that I am still interested in painting larger pieces ( even if this is tiny in comparison ).

Yup.. still interested.. just need to get back to playing around with colors once more. Which was also the biggest comment I have received on this bust so far.. it is too plain! Thankfully it is still in a process of WIP, and so I can update and correct it quite a bit still.

But the other point is about New Year's Resolutions.. well mine is going to just be kind of simple but also deceptively difficult to achieve I believe.. for it is to fill my new display case with high quality pieces throughout the year. Pieces that I would like to have placed in the living room and to show off to guests who might be unfortunate enough to drop by!

As you can see it is quite bare at the moment, so will be taking quite a bit of work to fill it up. And it is quite large also.. almost 6 feet tall with 5 good sized shelves to fill up! Thankfully I have a few Garage Kits to paint up this year that will take up a generous amount of space.. and I have the new Hobbit boxset that might sit on one shelf for a while just to take up space until they are all done and we can give the rules a go!

But yeah.. hope everyone else is doing well, had a good holidays.. and are getting a chance to get back at the painting queue that must have been enlarged over the holiday season. Keep an eye out.. future trip to Berlin is coming, and you know that leads to many photos and reviews! And this does not look to be any different!


  1. Good stuff. Nice start on the bust. I find zombies hard to get to look right since you need to have lots of colour, but mostly desaturated for it to look "right". I am looking forward to what you will do this year!

    1. Thanks Zab.. and yes I agree it is difficult.. am having major problems with it at the moment! Will see how or when it gets finished. In the meantime I am getting back to normal with painting some Goblins from the Hobbit range. :) Let's see if I can get them finished or not :)

  2. Great start Mr Lee i follow the progress .
    Greetings .

    1. Thanks LOL.. this one might take a while for me to get finished though.. will see..


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