Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sedition Wars batch 2 arrives!

Yay! What a week.. first my Kickstart from Reaper Bones shows up, and now the second batch from Sedition wars shows up! What is really awesome is that it also got through customs with no fuss, and this time with no fee! Super happy Mr Lee here!

Of course since I have ordered 2 of the board games, I got double the rewards! Plus my extras that I ordered in it.

Items I ordered over top of the boxset are:
  1. Calamity Crew ( Firefly crew )
  2. Susan Ridley ( Ridley from Aliens ) + Strain option
  3. Hexen Phrecirus ( 6 from Battlestar Galaxy ) + Strain Option
  4. 2x THI suits
My choices were pretty straightforward though.. I liked the firefly show ( still do actually ) and so it was a no brainer to pick it up. Ridley and 6 were also pretty cool, and I thought they would fit in nicely with the rest of the sets. The THI suits were an impulse, but I liked the original resin versions from McVey so figured why not get them for the Vanguard as well. 

Of course I also got all the normal batch 2 items for the games including the drones, the bonecrabs, the special characters and Kara Black's massive armored suit. Which again, is pretty cool. Also included are 2 painting DVDs on how to paint the Sedition wars. I seem to be collecting quite a few painting DVDs these days.. 

My initial reaction after opening the package though is that all the special characters are really small! I mean they fit in with the rest of the game, but they are really tiny in comparison to what I have been painted recently. And since I was so hyped about the firefly crew, I opened them first. Only to find that they are also multi-piece, and that Malcolm head is separate and comes with a massive mold line! ARGH.... normally not a bad thing but when on a model that is only 30mm tall, it can be pretty disgusting to try to fix. And when I say 30mm tall, I am not talking in GW terms, I am talking in more realistic terms. So he is tall but tiny at the same time! So I am a bit worried at how I will be able to get the mold lines off without completely ruining the heads. Patience will be a virtue here.. 

So now what? I have  ton of Sedition Wars models already not painted and sitting in their boxes.. I have the 2 show boxes of Reaper Bones models kicking around.. and I have 3 more board games/miniature systems on route from various other kickstarters.. Oh well.. Just means I live by the painters creedo being that so long as I have unpainted models I cannot die... right?!?!?! That is how it works is it not?  More likely it means that once this move to UK is over, I will have a lot of things to buckle down on and paint up! And to teach my little one how to play some higher up boards games instead of Angry Birds version of Sorry!

Enjoy the photos, and let's see when I get some paint on these puppies!


  1. Just received my Wave 2 batch of Sedition Wars stuff as well. It will probably just get chucked in the box with the rest. Spent that long waiting and seriously hacked off with the miniature quality so probably wont be visiting the game any time soon. Disappointing in the end.

    1. I completely agree Carl.. it was very disappointing to see this level of quality from the McVeys in the end. Was hoping for better, and to think that it took this long to get it all delivered AND this level? Was not too impressed.

      Will give the new updated rules another go though and see if they improved that section also. If not, I am not sure what I will do these games in the end!

  2. I still haven't received my shipping advice on my Wave 2 component which now has me worried if others have started receiving their gear.

    Like Carl, I'll probably just add mine to the original set which aside from opening and noting the lower than expected quality of the casts, hasn't been touched since it was received.

    How does the terrain stack up if you picked that up?

    1. No terrain in my order unfortunately. It was something that I had considered, along with the battlemat. But due to funds at that time, I opted for neither of them.

      I have at least played a couple of games of it when we first got it, and we plan to do another games night with them soonish.. but I still need to finish painting some of the models in order to make that game at least a bit of fun. Will see when/if that happens.

  3. I like the sound of the Firefly/Aliens figures but not the quality issues?

    1. I will see if I can salvage them cause they have some nice details on them, even if they are ridiculously small!

  4. Yeah still No 2 wave here. Lee How did you end up painting the vanguard Troopers and how? :-)


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