Friday, September 27, 2013

BAM... Reloaded..

After a short little trip over to Berlin for a couple of days, I am back, and right in time for the second BAM class from the Massive Voodoo boys, Roman and Raffa.

But, since this is my second class ( OK, so what if first one was just last weekend! ), I get the chance to paint something other than Brekk. So I choose this guy. This is him after most of the flash, holes, and what nots were fixed, and he was primed up 2k style.

And somewhere around 2am this is what he looked like..

Kinda, sorta a bit of work done on it.. but now the fun really begins as the airbrush work is finished, and we tackle the rest with a brush. Why Airbrush... well.. see if you can find the model online, see how large it is, and then come back and comment about it :)

And thanks to Heiko from the WuDao school of Kung Fu, this Dwarf will have a really cool socket/stand to sit on! Whoo hoo!!! But more on that laters. Will link to it all next week ( or so ) once I have more colors put on it..

Now to work on it a bit more while we wait for the rest of the students to show up!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks LOL, it is proving to be interesting to say the least...

  2. Wow the miniature is great. Can you tell me which one this is?
    Airbrushing skin is a pretty good idea on large models: easy and very smooth color transitions, I tried it on a skaven rat ogre (which is much smaller I think) and even there it works pretty good.
    Looking forward on your progression!

    1. Can't/won't say which one it is yet.. want others to figure it out if they can.. and if not, then well I will give more hints :)

      And yes, the Airbrush is great for such pieces. I have used them in the past often, and it gives a different tool in the toolbox of painting :) Watch for more updates throughout the weekend as I work on it with the Massive Voodoo team.. actually I should go and get back to painting already!

    2. Aaaah didn't recognize the bust without its default "display base". Yes this one is massive. I would have died in fear before painting this one :)

  3. Hola
    Madre mía que busto y que trabajo tienes por delante,esa musculatura es de las de agotar el pulso.
    estaré a tentó
    un saludo

    1. gracias
      La piel y los músculos son los que menos me preocupa, sin embargo. La barba es horriblemente esculpido sin embargo, y me causa un sin fin de dolor. Vamos a ver cómo va en el futuro, pero más fotos de lo que viene esta semana! Mantenga un ojo hacia fuera para él!

  4. Replies
    1. ist scibors Wild Hunter bust.

    2. Indeed, the Wild Hunter bust from UDock through Scibor ;) Now to fix the rest of the photos and post up a review of how it is doing so far :)

  5. That is an amazing sculpt. The detail on him is fantastic and I do understand why you have to airbrush him.

    My dwarf came in the post and he is great!!! I'm going to have to really think about how I'm going to base him as he really needs me to build one from scratch.

    1. Great to hear that your model showed up safe and sound! Hopefully not too crushed like Paradox0n's!

      And without an Airbrush for the skin on this model.. I would have gone insane.. Completely and utterly insane.. more so than I am now :)

  6. Hi, i`m really looking forward to the next steps. All the brush upcoming brush work will bring him to life!
    Wish i could be at the workshop too, but BAM Hamburg 1 had to enough for the next few months.
    Hope to see you in the next year and have a lot of fun,

    1. Chris it was great to meet you at BAM 1, and your bust was amazing! Seriously great work on it! Indeed we will meet up again in the future, I am sure of it :)

      And yes, the upcoming brush work on this guy is going to cause me my sanity... so.. much.. details.. Keep an eye out for it!


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