Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Reaper Bones has arrived!

So my order from Reaper ( the Vampire Bones package, plus 3 larger items, and the giants/demons sets ) has finally arrived!

This was successfully funded on August 26th, 2012.. and just arrived to me on Sept 8th, 2013.. well over a year to gain this.. one of the major downfalls of the kickstarter programs. Pay now.. receive much much much later.. I am still waiting for Phase 2 of Sedition wars which was just sent out recently also from the USA. So will be interesting to see when that one shows up, and if it too slips past Customs.

Well.. what about the quality? I have just had a quick look, and started to put together a few of the larger pieces. I can say that the initial look/feel/thoughts of this is that none will be used for showcase painting, except maybe the largest pieces. And those will require a lot of extra attention to make them work.

The rest will be used for testing new painting theories out, and be used in other board games, D&D games, and other such games as filler models for sure.

Most are bent and thin pieces due to the rubbery nature of the material used. Slightly oily ( mold release most likely ) is evident on some pieces, but I am sure a dishsoap bash and a run in with my scouring pads will clear that up.

I will attempt to paint up a few pieces this weekend among other items to see how they handle paint, and the airbrush primer. But this pile is going to take a while to get through, and I am going to take my time on some of them. Paint one or 2 when I am looking to get some quick painting done to re-energize me on a more detailed or lengthy project.

Anyone else receive these? Anyone else have any thoughts on them? Would love to hear them in the comments below!


  1. No clue mate but a year to arrive, I'm all about self gratification and receiving now!

    1. Indeed, and actually most of these kickstarters are taking a year, but have been promising a much shorter period of time! It was supposed to be delivered in March of this year, but that went out the window with regards to some of the molds and productive steps taken.

      Am a bit more careful now on the kickstarters and what they promise section now.

  2. Wow a complete year of waiting... That's why I stopped backing at Kickstarter ATM, I still haven't got all my stuff from Mantic or Sedition Wars.

    I personally saw the big dragons and stuff from the Reaper KS and thought they look pretty awesome but the material kept me of backing (seemed to be like the stuff my Descent miniatures are made of and I didn't like that). So I am pretty curious on your opinion.

    1. Indeed mate.. am still waiting on the second portion of the SW boxset ( though it is on route at the moment ), and I have 3 others that I am waiting on that I know won't come in on time either.

      Will play around with some this weekend and have a better opinion of all of it for next week.

  3. Wanted to back but no cash, I too am interested how this comes through. May end up picking the odd figure on e-bay???

    I backed Arena Rex and that is supposed to be coming in the winter, yet to try the playtest rules though


    1. Odd figure might be the best option here actually. The full set is too much unless you are a hard core gamer/D&D player.

      When Arena Rex came out I was already into my "too many kickstarter" phase, and would rather not have to wait longer for more models.. though I might pick some up once they go through retail release. Maybe.. ;)

  4. Definately for gaming or learning to paint on. Many of the monsters are pretty good especially those in the slightly bigger than man sized catagory. Definately not for commission or contest painting but it you are going to spend hours and hours painting something paying the extra money for the metal is a good idea. Kaladrax is awesome for 10 dollars but is so big that uses are pretty limited and the quality is again not really display up close.

    1. Thanks for this comment.. I haven't opened the big guys yet, and probably wont until I move again this xmas. But when I do, I hope that I can do at least a bit more with them than just calling them gaming pieces.. time will tell then I guess.

  5. Hola
    Madre mía cuantas cosas......
    Con el tiempo de espera ahorra te pondrás las botas bueno los pinceles jajaja
    un saludo

    1. Hey JD
      Va a ser interesante ver lo que hago con esta pila de plástico gomoso aquí!
      Jugará un rato con él el fin de semana, y ver qué resultados salen!


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