Thursday, September 12, 2013

Figure Transport - DIY idea

OK, so last Friday I wrote about the fact that I am heading to Germany again. Great stuff! However, whenever I travel there, I always have the issue of how do I get my models, and my better pieces there with minimal or no breakage. Especially since I am flying, and to take things on the plane is kinda rough at the best of times.

So while walking through IKEA with the wife the other day we stumbled across this..

This was a clear plastic drawer set that could be found at IKEA's box section.

They had a ton of cardboard boxes and other tupperware containers. And this was an interesting size, and shape that can work for moving some models around.

What is cool about this is that there is no real lid since it is really a drawer. So the entire section inside slides out, like a drawer in case people are not sure what drawers are :) And I can place them inside! OMG! Who would have thunkit!

Ok, dumb statement above there of course.. we all know what drawers are, and do.. but it was pretty cool to find this in order to store and move my models with me on flights. These are quite small, and easy enough to put into my pack for the plane.

So I have just cut off the little tab inside of it that prevents it from opening all the way.

This way it doesn't catch, giving a bit of a jolt and potentially moving or hitting the models while trying to open it all the way.

You can see how some basic models fit nicely in it..

I can probably fit 4x30mm sockets easily in here.. or more if it is individual models. Plus by storing them near the back of the drawer here ( or the bottom if you held it the way it should be held ) so it can be held both upright when carrying the bag, and flat when I place it into the overhead storage on the plane.

I also picked up a slightly larger piece also that can carry taller pieces and more. But it is too large for my bag, and we will look to see what solution we can make for it to carry it easier.

So what do you guys/girls think? How do you store or transport your models? I have seen people use wooden cases also, but unfortunately it has been difficult to find such cases in Turkey. But I think this will work, and I cannot wait to test it out more next week when I head to Germany for BAM classes!

I also hope that with these, it will be easier to get through airport security as they will be more accessible and easier to show what they are.

Still need Tom and Tuffskull to reach me in order to know their addresses, and to know what they are wanting from the prize pool! Hope to hear from them both soon!


  1. I have never had to travel with my figures and would be terrified that they would be damaged. I think this is a good idea, particularly when you consider what security is like these days.

    Wishing you a safe journey and a fun time at classes!

    1. Exactly. Security is horrendous, and normally they are wanting me to pull the models out and such. This will make that part of the travel easier!
      And yes.. just a little more time before I head out for the trip! Cannot wait!

  2. Have a good trip and enjoy. Like the draw idea


    1. Thanks Ian.. still doing prep for it, but am really excited for it!

  3. I would fear that the plastics bend and scratch on the minis. A transport box made of wood would give me a much better feeling. And I would stuff the box with foampads to give some more protection. But IKEA really is a veritable source for our hobby ;)
    Luckily I don't have to transport such artworks like you. Only hundreds if minis in my army boxes :D

    1. Thanks for the comments, and I have heard on FB to add some foam to the inside also. So I might get to work on that this weekend.

      As far as the materials go.. this is really hard, stiff plastic. No bending here, and less likely to shatter if, heaven forbid!, I drop it.

      But it is an alternative solution to the wooden boxes that would cost me a little too much to get shipped over here at the moment. Maybe an idea for when I get to UK though!

    2. Ah OK with the IKEA stuff you can't be sure if you haven't it in your own hands. Then this really seems a legit transbort. And no you won't drop it. Only thing could be some curious looks on the customs :D

      If going for a wooden box, I would make it myself. The ready ones on the market are pretty expensive I think.

    3. Indeed. I only bought them as I was able to see them first in the store, and figured that they would do well. Plus those little rulers they have helped with confirming the dimensions as well :)

      If I could make a wooden box.. I would.. but I haven't done any wood work in almost 8 yrs ( since coming to Turkey ) and so would have to get back into it first before doing so. Price of the product is not the problem though, it is always the shipping costs that I dislike. Ugh..

  4. WOW! Great idea. I have been looking for something like this. It's a nice alternative to wood - lightweight and convenient.

    1. Cheers Zab, glad that you like it! And very much convenient as the smaller ones are good enough to go inside laptop bags even! And if I place the models like shown above, they can be either upright, or laid flat for stacking more together!

  5. Hola
    Practica y fácil de construir jajaja
    Yo tengo lo de siempre la caja grande de vino con la doble madera para los taladros,pero esta es practica tendré que verlo.
    un saludo

    1. Hey JD
      Me encantaría usar una caja de vino, sin embargo yo no bebo vino! Lo sé, tan vergonzoso! Y las grandes botellas de buen coñac o burbon son demasiado caros en Turquía .. tal vez en el Reino Unido voy a ser capaz de encontrar esos artículos (y disfrutar del licor dentro!) para futuros transportes. Al mismo tiempo, rápido, fácil y simple son órdenes del día para mí!

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks mate! Will make the trip to Germany much easier this time around.. especially considering how many I can fit into the larger container!

  7. A very clever solution to the problem, I would go with adding some foam though you can never be too careful with such treasures

  8. Great idea! Do you have the name of the IKEA product? I can´t find it on IKEA in Sweden (wich is odd...) but if I have the product name I might be able to find it.


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