Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Random Scibor Goblin ready for trouble..

Ok, so while working on the final pieces of Alice I was informed of a quick little contest over at Brushbrothers forum ( I mention them enough or what? Great Forums kind of do that to you I guess! ).

So originally this was going to be my entry, however then I read the rules at something like 2am on Saturday and realized that only the stock model needed to be shown by Aug 31st! Oh well, more time to spend on this guy in the future then.

And some more shots closer up, and with a grey background.. which do you all prefer better?

Plus trying out a new photo technique, again learned from someone over at Brushbrothers.

What do you all think? It was another experiment in colors, and contrast. It started very de-saturated, but then I glazed it with a more brighter green/yellow combo to bring some live back into it. And reduce the clown effect that is still kind of there, but not as evident.

BTW.. if you are looking for a tight knit group that doesn't mind the odd Canadian or other English speaking member joining their ranks. Who are willing to provide some input and feedback on your projects.. go to Brushbrothers and join up! Maybe you can join the painting competitions, and win a free unique Socket! I think they are extending the entrance for the unpainted model for another week or so..

Anyways.. let me know your thoughts on this little monster.. what do you think I could do to correct, fix or update it? Anything? I have received some feedback already on their forums/FB messages, and expect to see them added soon.

Don't forget that you can win some cool miniatures due to my hitting some arbitrary number of views! Check out this post, and sign up to win!



  1. Nice paintjob he is an ugly bugger though (in a good way of course.

    1. All these little snots are though.. it is what gives them so much character!

  2. Hola
    Una pieza muy simpática,me gusta el contraste que le as dado ala nariz,queda como de el borrachín de los verdes jajajaja
    un saludo

  3. Great brushwork - the greens look great as well as the stone weapon head and skull.

    1. Thanks DeanM.. though I think I still need to smooth out the blending on that green a bit further. Will see I guess! Cheers!


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