Friday, September 13, 2013

More shots of Bones, and the winners list!

OK, so the emails are trickling in, or I am getting PM'd on other forums, concerning the prizes and mailing addresses here.

So far the list looks like...

  1. Anne - Dwarf Lord
  2. Paradox0n - Moscal Boyar Lord
  3. Tuffskull - Infinity Moderator
  4. Tom - waiting on response... 
  5. Laughing Ferret - Preferring Dystopian Wars medic, then Russian NAP Models.. 
So Tom.. please email me at mr.lees.painting.emporium ( just remove the space there ) and let me know if you want the Medic or the Russians.. and provide me with your mailing address. I am hoping to send them out tomorrow ( if all goes right ) so that people can receive them in the coming weeks ( am looking at you 2 in the USA.. will take a bit to get there I fear! ). 

Aside from this though I spent a couple hours.. yes HOURS.. last night sorting through the Bones models. And having a look over some of them. I can honestly say that the collection is a real hit or miss collection here. There are a couple pieces, usually the less involved or no sword/weapon models, that are really great. And I can see them getting some nice paint on them in the near future. Nothing super fancy, but it can work. 

Then there are other models and I have to really ask WTF.. I mean some of them are bend at the ankle due to packing and are basically laying down. Either face first or on their back. So it will be interesting to see if I can fix them or if I will just need to use them as casualty markers instead. Which I guess is not a terrible idea really.. 

So you might all remember this was the initial unboxing of everything just to show the scale of models.. well this was me unwrapping and sorting them after an hour?

And then another hour later.. I had a few more unwrapped and sorting was starting.. 

While chatting with a buddy of mine online taking quick snap shots of the progress to show him what the hell I was doing instead of painting.. and indeed he was a bit shocked at how many we had picked up. More interesting was the chat concerning the fact that although I had ordered this a year ago, and was a pretty avid tabletop collector... my preferences have changed quite a bit over that time. Many thanks to the workshops, and Brushbrothers for that push.. 

So wading through this pile of rubbery plastic miniatures it was with different eyes so to speak that I was looking at them. And seeing which models I can really dig into, and which might just fall to the wayside or tossed into a dungeon crawler board game to be used as Minon #45 in Unknown Quest #12... Basically again, the weaponless models ( Golums, Townsfolk, Monsters ) came out really good, but then again they are really organic and do not have any hard lines on them. Which works to the benefits of this material. Also the really tiny models ( Gnomes, Halflings, Dwarfs ) came out decent as well, but I think it is due to being so small, and having next to no details on them. 

Expect a few painted over the weekend. Nothing fancy, but something to give an idea of how well they take paint, and especially the Vallejo Airbrush Primer that I will be using on them. Hopefully my eyesight lasts long enough on some of the models to make out some of the details. 

I also went ahead and opened the big 3.. Cthulthu, Nethyrmaul, and Kaladrax! I am of mixed feelings of these, but they will get some airbrushing love once we do the big move. Before then I do not think I will have either the time, nor the patience to box them up after painting them for the move. And each will get its own little display socket to sit on. 

Below you can see what they look like for size against a Chaos Chosen model.. we will call this Chosen Bob.. cause that sounds like a Chaos name right?

The mighty Cthulthu model.. this thing is massive! And I think that without an Airbrush, I shudder to think how long he will take to paint up. The placement of the base for him, and his feet are not lining up nicely. There are quite a few gaps on the model as well which will need to be GS'd before painting. And I think that there will be a lot of spots where the paint will rub off before I get a chance to do too much with it. Going to be very interesting to see how I get this one painted up, but he will look cool. And I think I will paint him up like an action figure styled coloring. Treat it like the toy it is.. but then again.. it was 10 dollars! Like.. 10.. probably cheaper than the Chosen in the model.. 

Then we have the Nethyrmaul.. this is a bad ass dragon that my wife liked from the box art. And honestly it fits together quite well all things considering. So I think it will be easier to paint up ( again Heavy Airbrush usage warning for this ). Fewer gaps ( but you can still see a few though ). And I am really not so sold on the massively long tail here.. though it is nothing in comparison to the next model..... Though for 10 dollars once more.. quite the buy and another nice model to put up on a display shelf once it is all finished. 

And now finally the mighty Kaladrax! This thing did not want to go together in parts, is not having too many touch points on his lovely rock, and that tail.. WTF is wrong with people and why would they make it so long??? It is going to be cut down to size, and also bent to wrap more around the base. Otherwise it is just an embarrassment to the model. 

But again it is MASSIVE.. I mean poor Bob.. he is just slightly bigger than one of the bone chunks on the tail! I think he will need heavier firepower to take it out. You can also see one of the local townsfolk on the right there for reference. Probably to be one of the first to get paint btw.. but will see.. 

This will be a model that I will need to convert a bit though as I am not fully liking the pose, nor the way the wings sit on the model. They look off to me.. and the tail will become part of my scenery box for future sockets and barbarians wanting to show their latest kills. One tail piece will probably last me a years worth of display sockets!

So there you go here.. my second initial review of the Bones models.. stay turned for another look at how well they take paint next week, enjoy the weekend, and hopefully the weather is terrible enough to warrant you painting some models instead of enjoying the last dregs of summer. Cause that is what we all live for right? Painting? I mean why else would we buy 200+ rubbery plastic models.. ugh.. Enjoy whatever it is that you all do. 


  1. They really botched the female figures. Most don't have noses and none of them hold a candle to their metal counterparts. Did you see what they did to Ellen Stone. That's a classic Ridolfi sculpt. I was horrified!

    They do need put into soapy water for at least 24 hours or they won't take the paint. I'm not sure how they'll do with an airbrush.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with some of the big beasties!

    1. I am seeing a lot of botched models here. But then again they were like 50 cents a figure so kinda hard to complain about it. I think if anything, it just shows me a couple that if I can find them in metal I might pick up.

      I did one with a wash this morning and took the electric brush to it ( older toothbrush, not the one I use now.. I hope? ) and cleaned it with liquid soap. Will see if that is enough when I test it later tonight.

      And as far as the big beasties go.. I am really curious on what to do with them as well! Major projects incoming for sure!

    2. I agree with MRL, while I am disappointed, the price alone says that you are going to get some crap in the mix. Still, I am looking forward to getting my airbrush paints soon and Mr Cthulhu is primered and awaiting some love! Can't wait to see what you do with your stuff.

    3. Oooo looking forward to what you do with Cthulhu also as he is quite a nice model. I actually wish I picked up 2 at the price it was going for!

      Will be a bit before I tackle mine however due to the upcoming move.. and lack of space to place him in the meantime!

  2. Nethyrmaul was a 25 dollar option not 10. But your review seems pretty inline with mine. Congrats to the contest winners.

    1. Ah, thanks for that.. then how the heck was Kaladrax only 10??? It is easily 3 times as large! Will update the post, thanks!

  3. I look forward to seeing what you do with them. I'm not keen on the material when I've looked at the pre kickstarter releases. Its cheap and that's really about it only plus. Great for amassing hordes of plastic figs for gaming but for painting the detail seems far to shallow for most people.

    1. Indeed. Though I have to say that there are a couple of pieces that really stood out to me, and the details on them might be crisp enough to work with. I will find out soon though as I play around with them.

      But indeed their biggest selling feature is that they are cheap.. like super cheap! And it reflects in the quality.

  4. Nice post. I totally missed the Bones kickstarter, and was mightily pissed about that, but in hindsight, maybe it was better this way. It's not as if I don't have a tin-and-plastics-mountain as it is.
    Looking forward to see what you do with all this.

  5. Holy cow. The big ones seem massive and pretty awesome. Can't wait to see you getting some paint on them :-)

  6. I am starting to think I am lucky not to have got these after all. Mind you as you say at the price it's really can't be complained about


  7. Those large models are quite impressive. Definitely interested to hear your thoughts on painting these up. Many mixed reviews about the detail and the material they are made of. The price sounds right though.

  8. Hi there. Well, Mr Lee I have send you a message 4 days ago and I did it again some second ago. Hope that you will receive it.
    Just in case - I would like to get the DYstopian Wars Medic, Please :)

    About the Bones. I love the Cthulthu Daddy :D I want one ! But now it's for 39$...

    I'm curious what you will do with them, maybe some diorama from Cthulthu world ;)

    1. Hi Tom. Thanks for that but I still have no email from you so that I know where to send it. Have sent you a message via google hangout also. Perhaps you can reply there?

      As far as a dio goes for big daddy here. I am not sure what he will be in the end! Time will tell on that one. :)


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