Thursday, September 26, 2013

Contest posting for Anne O'Leary!

Since I am still in Germany, waiting on my next BAM workshop ( model to paint.. unknown.. ) here is something for everyone to go out and support.

Anne from O'Leary Miniatures is holding a massive super secret contest for the ages over at her blog here.

You might remember that she just won a Dwarf Lord from Scibor from my recent contest, so it is quite nice of her to turn around and give back to the community as well! And she is doing it in style here!

What is really cool is she is doing it in conjunction with Patrick Hall who is also sponsoring the event with one of his latest books! How cool is that!

Have a look around her blog once you get there though as she has really begun to turn up the heat on her painting and turning out some mighty fine ladies these days ( such as those seen in her blog banner! ). Threw my name into the hat.. but with the amount of people entering I think my chances are pretty low :) Will see though, and go from there!

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