Monday, September 16, 2013

First looks at painting Reaper Bones!

Ok, so not as much completed over the weekend in the painting department as I would have liked.

I blame this partially on the poor weather, and the chores that needed to get done, but also on the new PS3 FFXIV game that finally came to Turkey. After picking it up on Friday, I knew that my weekend was shot, and low and behold it was.. meh.. still a pretty sweet game, and a good time suck all around!

Anyways.. that aside, I did do a bit of hobby related work. First I worked on picking what projects I would take to show at BAM which is rapidly approaching, and also fixed the transports with some foam to better safeguard against breakage.

That aside though, I also tackled the first of many Reaper Bones models! And since it was the first take on these little b*****ds I figured I should pick an easy model. So this old lady sweeping from the Townsfolk range was my first victim!

Prep was simple. I took it to the sink, pulled out the soap and an older toothbrush and gave it a scrubbing.. all the while praying to the artistic gods of yore that the mold release would be removed, and it would hold my paint. What is funny is that for this I actually took WIP shots throughout the whole process! And since I have been asked a few times lately how I go about painting here is a kinda walkthrough of my process :)

So here we see the model, post wash and scrub, attached to a 20mm base, sand glued on, and then pattafix'd to a socket to make it easier to hold and paint her. Pretty standard start to a model these days! I have tried to remove some of the mold lines, but since this is a test, and a model that would most likely sit in the background, I am really not too bothered with them.

Next up is the airbrush primer. I am out of Black ( on order and will hopefully pick up in Hamburg this time around ) so this is Dark German Grey. Again from Vallejo's primer range. Great little stuff, and so far the paint is holding!

Now the classic 2k priming.. though for me, I tend to go with a 3k.. being Black/Light Grey/White. Shooting the light grey at a 45 degree angle from the top, and then the white from directly above. This gives me a little bit more variation in the shades on the model, and since it is with the airbrush it takes so little time extra here.

Airbrush is put aside, and the face was worked on. No real step by steps here, as I was experimenting on the colors again. Here I used the GW Cadian Fleshtone as a base. Then added white and cream to it to lighten it up, and Vallejo Air Color Mud Brown for the shadows. After working on the Alice dio, I have begun to try to soften the colors used on female faces, so this was my first shot at it. Mud Brown was used for the eyebrows, and the eyes were washed with a black before adding some flesh+white. Then dotted with black.

Notice that I did not paint the arms yet. This is due to the fact that I have the dress behind it, and if I painted the arms now I most likely will have to retouch them up due to paint slippage. Happens when you don't want it, and doesn't when you think it will. Oh well.. such is life.

You can also see I began to pain the base here also but that was just cause I had a lot of mud brown still on the palette and it was a good color to use for the sand also.

Now the dress gets some paint. Pretty simple coloring here, and again the colors of Alice were used. I figured try it with something that I know best on this model so that I can give a better comparison against other mediums later on as a comparison. Here it is just a base of VMC Prussian Blue thinned a lot to lay on a few layers ( learned that from Alice also ), and then adding some white to it to lighten it up. Shadows are Dark Sea Blue and black. Again super thinned down and almost washed onto the model.

Base is just a series of washes and inks. Mostly brown/black inks, and sepia wash. Then drybrushed with cream for the highlights. Again, pretty simple and standard for the base here.

Shot of her from the rear. You can see a bit of the imperfections in the casting here better. But again, this model cost 50 cents or something like that.. really no right to complain here at all.

For the apron, I did not want stark white so went with a more greyish tones here. Again laying down a base of thinned layers instead of a heavy one layer. This was used from Andrea's Black set.. and was the base coat color for black if you can believe it.

I just continued on with the black set from Andrea working more on the highlights sections, and adding some white near the top. I also washed with with a very thinned black afterwards to bring the colors together, and tone everything down a bit more also.

At this point I also painted up the arms in the same manner as the face, and then began to work on the broom handle. Again mud brown was used here, and mixed in some black for the shadows, and cream for the highlights. Washed with Sepia.

Hat is similar to dress and apron. Nothing fancy.

And here we see the pretty much finished product. Broom bristles was washed with Sepia again, and then drybrushed with cream/mud brown.

Hair is mud brown, washed with Reikland Fleshtone from GW's new washes, and then touched up with cream/mud brown for highlights. Final pieces touched with some white.

At this point it would receive 2 or 3 layers of satin varnish from the airbrush again just to seal the paint in. Not sure how well it will hold, but for now it seems pretty safe. Might have to toss it into a bucket of models for a bit and see how it holds up!

And then photos taken with the big camera instead of my cell phone WIP shots. Gives a bit better picture of the overall model. But it was a nice one to paint up as a starter in this new material. And actually I think it hold promise more so than originally thought. It just depends on the model itself. But I can foresee with a bit more prep on these, and some better cleaning, I might have been able to paint this to a higher quality even. Instead of rushing through it like I did here.

Also it was nice to paint something with a pretty limited palette of colors. With only 10 or 12 colors in total, most of which were re-used throughout the scheme regardless of placement, it also brought together some interesting complimentary uses I think.

There are a few other models that I think will look great due to the material and can paint up nicely, but I will also attempt to paint up a model that I think is not suited for this material and see how it turns out also. More tests to occur!

And so.. what do you all think of this? Still a fail material or does it show promise when painted up a bit more? Comment below!


  1. I think for a 50ct miniature it is pretty good. Surely you can't compare it to those big display models but that's not what they are there for. For me they seem from the quality a bit like the models I have for my Descent Dungeoncrawler.

    Hm... The lady seems to have a lazy eye ;) But I really like the color transitions on the face. Well done.

    1. Cheers Paradox0n. Indeed there is no comparison to other more fancy models at all, but for the price they are not too shabby!

      And lazy eye.. for a maid back in the old times.. never... ;)

  2. Nice work mate - for a 50c model I dont think she could have asked for more - the skin tones are great by the way - cheers for sharing the recipe.

    1. Thanks FM.. hopefully the (kinda) step by step works for everyone! Let me know what you like or dislike about it for future step by steps :)

  3. They really are developed for the table top I think. Inexpensive and can be done rather quickly.

    Step by steps are always useful to us.

    1. Cheers Anne.. completely agree with these statements. Cheap, easy, and done rather quickly.. almost like a... nah.. will keep this comment PG ;)

      Glad you like the step by step.. still something new for me.. but glad it is appreciated.

  4. She's looking really good. I will have to add her to the list of future purchases as I can see quite a few options for her

    1. Cheers for that.. and I think if/when I get back into D&D gaming or such, or even scenario based games for fantasy she will find her place in it. Her and the rest of the townsfolk group.

  5. I'd like to echo what other people have said. The quality does seem better then I expected. These models seem perfect for the table top. Especially for someone that enjoys a good game but whom's painting skills are not deserving of a $30 miniature (like me). I think companies like GW need to take notice - even though I'm sure they won't. No one should be spending thousands of dollars on models that are going to become nothing more then a rank and file blob on the board.
    Thanks also the the step by step.

    One question, I'm not very familiar with that plastic - is it a little bendy and flexible? Would swords and arms bend and then have the paint crack off? I have painted a few board game miniatures that have had that issue.

    Thanks Mr Lee, I have been really interested in seeing these.

    1. Thanks Col.A. I also doubt that GW will take notice, no need to as there is no direct game associate to them, and so the direct competition does not exist. For now..

      As far as the plastic goes, it is incredibly bendy/plastic/flexible. It is why I have painted this model as there is no flex in it whatsoever right now. I intend to paint up a warrior or something and can show the flex in the piece there better, and also test to see how bad the paint lives up on it. Lets see how those go..

      Thanks for the comments!

  6. I think you have made these look a real bargain.

    I don't sit on the 50c a figure basis, they became that due to the excess funding. They should be viewed at what would now be the base cost if you want to buy them now. Still I think this one is great value and whilst they will have limitations it's how well they keep the paint and as such are able to be used in the future. Far beyond the cost comes the time it took to paint up, if the paint drops off after a playing or two they cost far more than the money


    1. Cheers for the compliment Ian, much appreciated!

      And you are right on the fact that not all of them will be 50c due to after KS purchases. But for me at this time, that is roughly what I spent on them, and so the comparison is against the KS prices. Though, if I ramped up the costs, would I still buy this model? That is a more detailed question yet to be answered.. so far I would probably say no.. as someone pointed out that although I paid 10$ for the Cthulhu model in KS, it is not retailing for 39$.. would I pay that much for it? Probably not.

      As for if the paint chips off from regular play.. no idea.. but I think I can run a test on this model. Will give it to my 5 yr old for a week and see what happens. :) How's that for a stress test? :)

  7. Great looking figure; nice eyes. I didn't know they made historicals. Dean

    1. Not quite sure if it can be fully classified as Historicals, but it is close. Thanks for the compliment!

  8. Hola
    Hay los vídeo juegos cuantas horas nos quitan de pintar jajajaja
    Muy buenos los colores,bonita la mini
    un saludo

    1. Para cierto mi amigo! Especialmente estos juegos MMO .. el justo chupar la vida de ustedes y antes de que te des cuenta que termine el día! Pero muy divertido a la vez :)


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