Monday, October 15, 2012

Project UK: We have movement!

Well the weekend seems to pass by way too fast doesn't it?

Starting with a nice night out at a friend's place on Friday night watching some NFL while the kids play around us. Was a good night out, and a good catch up with others. Been too long since we have been able to do this due to my work travel schedule.

That aside, Saturday was a good day to dig into some of the models in and around some other family activities. Working on finishing the camo aspects on the 92 IGs, and starting in on 9 Cadets. Continuing on with this on Sunday where after a not so good morning out for breakfast ( bad food, expensive, but the little guy loved the play room.. lose/win? ) I was able to focus on some painting of Horses and organizing the painting work to come in the afternoon. Wife/kid were good enough to head out to Grandma's house, letting me have some quiet time for painting.

And what were the results? Well see below..

Cadets.. ready for duty!

Even wild horses couldn't pull me away from the painting desk over the weekend! Skin was done with airbrush to try to get some levels in it before I applied the other colors and washes. Took me much longer than I had anticipated for them.

So the photo above shows all the completely finished pieces for the latest batch from UK. Horses not included due to their riders are still WIP.

ABove you can see that I still have plenty of Heavy Weapon teams to work on, the 10 riders of the horses shown above, and some mutants. Plus 2 characters/priests yet to be touched. Should be interesting to see how much I can get done in the next couple of weeks as I will be on another business trip next week.

WIP of the riders.. mostly the greens of their clothing, skintones, and then blacks for belts, and soon to be metallic parts.

Speaking of the business trip, it is only the tip of the iceberg of upcoming activities. As at the end of trip, I will immediately head off to Aachen to join up with other aspiring painters to join Dervish as he imparts some of his painting wisdom upon us! A master class painting seminar starting on Oct 26th until the 28th. I have to say that I am really looking forward to this, and although it is costing a bit to get there and what not I think it will be well worth the money, time and effort!

One of the things that was required for it though was a wet palette, so below is a quick shot of what I threw together over the weekend to use as such..

It is a basic plastic container lid ( the container is also kicking around somewhere ) that I laid down some paper towel on. Putting a bit of water to them so that it is absorbed but not dripping, and then laying down some cooking wax paper on top. Have to say that it is currently looks like a wet diaper from this photo ( how can you tell I have a little one? ) but after using it all weekend I have to say that I am really really impressed and surprised that I didn't try this more seriously before! So even before the workshop begins I have learned something! Hazzah! Now what others nuggets of knowledge will I gleen from the teachers while there?? Time will tell, so expect a big review of it once I finish it and get time to write something up about it!

Oh and cleaned up my paint collection.. I really need another paint rack I think..

2 Racks almost filled to the brim with Vallejo colors, a couple rows of GW washes, some Tamiya Clear colors, and then the new dropper bottles of the now emptied ( lower right ) GW layer/base colors. Have to say that having them in dropper bottles have been a great thing, but will talk about that in a future post!

So as you can see.. a busy weekend! And this was just the hobby side of things! I really wish it was an extended weekend now, so much left to do.



  1. lots going on then! The horseflesh looks really good. I really like the guard conversions with WGF bodies

    1. Yeah quite busy around here at the moment.
      All conversions are done by the client though! Guy has a knack for putting things together!

  2. Very much liking those Rough Riders you've been working on. It surprised me how long it took to airbrush 28mm horses too, the first time I sat down to do it.

  3. Those are some good looking units. I like the great coats.
    And oh my, that is a lot of paint!

  4. Really good job , and good paint .


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