Thursday, October 25, 2012

Project UK: Mutants!

And we have reached Thursday.. the last day in the work week.. or at least it is for me! As stated I am heading off via train from Brussels to Aachen tomorrow morning, so this will be the last "pre-made" article this week before I got back to a more live styled writing again.

Today I have the last real unit(s) from the Project UK comms batch. Mutants! Was simple details here.. take the color schemes of before.. and paint them like they are mutants.. so slightly off kilter men who have spent probably more than they should have time in the warp!

And with that here we go... split up into groups of skin color..

These guys were painted in the Cadet's color scheme, but I used a dead flesh/greysepia wash combo on them for skin. I did highlight up the skin a bit further to give them a bit more pop this time around. Came out a bit monotone, but I think it gives them more of a 70s horror film look to them, and something that I think I will use again in the future for zombies and other undead models.

These guys are Bloodcoats ( duh! ) but have been afflicted with some of Papa Nurgles special sauce.. take that however you wish.. Normal skin color, but then washed several times with a green, before getting a bit more of a basic skin highlight in some places.

These guys have had a bit too much sun, hence the pinkish hue.. maybe they are more favored by Khorne? They have some serious weapons to hold onto here.. so it is entirely possible.. mostly this was again, same skin tone as the nurgle guys above, but with pink/red/orange washes applied instead.

These I see more of Tzeentch.. so with that I went with a yellow wash over again, yup you guessed it, normal skin tone. Amazing how the same skin tone can be changed so drastically just by applying the new GW washes?

These last 4 are pretty much all patchwork skins, but I went for an even color tone, and then did some extreme highlights to them. I think they turned out good overall, and I liked how the skintone came out. Might be something that I try again in the future for more freakish type models also.

And that is it! No more pre-painted models now.. and only reports, and reviews of the coming weekend! Hopefully I face no issues on route to Germany from Belgium, and all goes swimmingly!.. Will see, and post accordingly. Cheers for now!


  1. Now those are some beautiful fuglies!

  2. A strange looking bunch!! Nicely painted Sir!

  3. These are wonderfully gruesome, lovely work Sir.

  4. Making Mutants is fun :) nice stuff here :)


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