Monday, October 8, 2012

Dystopian Wars: EoTBS Bombers!

After a weekend full of activities, I was still able to get in a bit of painting.

The 5 bombers for my Empire of the Blazing Sun are now finished! Such a pain to do up the windows on them, but am just glad to have them finished. Not the best job on them, and I think they really could use some weathering as they are a bit bigger models in the range, but have to figure that out.. still.. *sigh*..

Just need to sit down one day and play around with some new colors and styles to make them work for the models.

Anyway.. here are the bombers..

So many windows! I *sigh* way too much when I see them before painting, but am liking them once they are all finished though..

The view that most of my enemy ships will be seeing as they come in for a bombing run!

Pretty clean on the top so far, and the lights took out the shading on them as well. I think I need to darken up the back half of them a bit more, and do some verdigris on the copper sections. Even when being bathed in a brown wash ( Devlen Mud ) they still look too clean.

With these guys finished, I am now finished all the EoTBS models, and can dive into the Federated States of America ( FSA ) starter both that just showed up on Friday!

Photo below..

The painted force vs the unpainted new joiners! The new joiners should actually be easier to paint up as they are not as tall as the EoTBS ships. Just have to figure out a color scheme for them now though. Might go for a steel look with blue as the accent color instead of red. But the steel being more white than that on the Japanese fleet. Will do some tests and see what happens with it.

Only thing really to do now though is find an opponent and give the game a test run with the starter boxes. Am thinking the FSA have the advantage to begin with, but will see how it goes!

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