Monday, October 29, 2012

Aachen - Being a tourist for a day..

So after 3 almost full days of painting, and learning, I had a free day before I headed back home! So with the advisement of most of the workshop attendees, I set out via train to Aachen to see some of its sights!

Aside from the rain, and being a bit cold, it was pretty easy to get around. I think I only got lost 2 or 3 times overall!

First place that I headed for was the Aachen Cathedral which was quite interesting. The stain glass windows, and architecture within it was something to behold.

What I also thought was interesting was the stature outside in the yard behind the fence.. not sure of the significance of it, but he had a really cool cloak on!

The second site was the Town Hall. Where they present an award for the best ideas to promote or improve the European Union ( or something to that effect ). I had listened to the audio-file disc set, and heard all the history, but well.. I was hungry :) Suffice it to say, people like the Pope, Clinton and Churchill are all recipients of the award.

Quite impressive looking from the outside.. and inside there were quite a few interesting pictures and statues!

A few of my favorites inside were the ones containing the Cherubs.. it seems they were a little bit mischievousness and in some case deadly!

Once I finished the tour of the Town Hall, I had a nice little lunch and beer at a Mexican place ( Mexican food with German beer ).

I had also found a hobby shop, however it was more focused on RCs, Trains, and such. Pity, as it would have been nice to find some plinths/sockets etc or some more brushes to take back with me, but alas that was not to be. Even on the way back, another thought popped up to check out the local GW store! However that also was a bust due to they being closed on Mondays?

Oh well, am back in the Hotel in Eschweiler! Where although the owner knows no English, and I know no German we have found out that we can still communicate.. with Turkish!!!! I have to say that I am surprised that I am using it outside of Turkey, and that it turned out to be a huge help as well! I guess all those hours in class, and the years in Turkey have paid off to help me in some way ;)

There are more photos in the album of my day out that can be found here in it's album. And this will be my last chance to go around Germany for this trip as I head back tomorrow. It was a lot of fun, and now I hope to return one day to learn more from other artists in Germany.

Watch his space for more concerning the workshop, and a review on the model holder!


  1. Nice pics mate. That cloak does look interesting.

    1. Yes, quite interesting to say the least. I smell a diorama brewing though ;)

  2. About 12 years ago I spent 9 months in Aachen thanks for the visual reminder of the town. No GW store there at that time, but there was a small independant store near the town centre but up a flight of stairs. Glad you enjoyed the city it's a good place.

    1. I did find an independent store, but it was not for GW or models. As stated it was all RC and trains.. but oh the stuff for trains! Glad that the photos were able to bring back memories though. Was a nice jaunt through the town indeed, and makes me hunger for more such adventures in the future!

  3. Gorgeous and inspiring. Makes me want to paint and build terrain!

    1. Indeed, am glad that it inspires you as much as it does me!

  4. Very envious :) Oh America is such a boring place to live :( :)

    1. Thanks LF, but come on.. boring? America? I mean, go for a road trip and visit the world's largest ball of yarn.. or the largest rocking chair.. or some other tourist attraction made up in the last 50 yrs ;) Boring? No.. absurd? maybe ;)

  5. HA-HA! Turkish... Why am i not surprised that you found turkish speakers in germany? :)

  6. Hello Mr. Lee!

    It was real fun to getting to know you. I am sorry for every insult, that I made. But I am only a stupid german, that is born in Poland and violates the english language each time she speaks... ;-)

    Hope, you will visit Aachen again, so that we can visit this town the proper way. E.g. the one street, that contains more than 50 bars and restaurants... the traditional casino, where James Bond would have fun too... or the acient roman bath with wirl pools and sauna...

    Send a little message next time, if you want...

    1. Hey Tagamoga!

      It was great to meet you also, and see all the painting that you could produce! I wish I took photos of your banner to show others as it was amazing!

      No worries on the English, as everyone was so nice to help out throughout the workshop. And being that I am coming to Germany for a workshop in German, I was not expecting much English actually. So any was a pleasant experience.

      I hope to return to Aachen and Eschweiler once more in the future to have a bigger walkthrough. I just hanged out near the Dam and the City Hall. So seeing more would be a treat next time.

      Looking forward to seeing your works on the das forums, and perhaps seeing you in a future workshop!

      Mr Lee


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